Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Planning Ahead

I'm constantly trying to stay a few steps ahead of the game when it comes to planning out what we'll study next, at least in the history & science departments. I like to be prepared, have a plan, & be ready to roll. These two subjects are the only ones that seem to demand a bit more of me in those regards, probably because they are the ones we use the least traditional curriculum for.

When we opted to spend a year studying Middle Ages, we also decided we'd spend a year studying Renaissance. We're planning to use Quest For Royals & Revolutions from Winter Promise. It will lend itself well to allowing us to decide to study US history afterwards or Australian history. It also allows us to continue forward with using Mystery Of History.

In fact, we ordered Volume III recently & were so excited when it arrived as we'd heard about the new looks for volumes 3 & 4. I had a hard time getting our copy away from the kids so I could actually have a turn with it!! Instead of having one huge book, you have a hardback storybook of sorts that has all the lessons in it. Then you have the softcover teacher's guide with the maps, quizzes, etc. in it. The hardcover storybook has all the artefacts & other pictures inside in colour now which really appealed to my colour lover as well.

I should clarify that MOH 3 is not a required item with QFRR, but one we're choosing to use. There are quite a few other books that are used instead of another MOH book as a spine. We may choose to drop one or simply do all of them, we'll decide when the time comes. In the mean time we're pretty excited with our copy of MOH 3!

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