Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Sticker Pouch

I know most girls collect purses & shoes, but I admit I don't. Now tote bags are another story, & so are stickers. The thing is, though, our family goes through both like crazy. Someone is always screaming for a bag to carry something or other in. We've worn out so many bags with library books that I finally gave up & started using a rolling cart. The entire town knows when are coming thanks to the grating outside the library, but no more ripped tote bags!

Stickers don't get ripped, but they sure do get a lot of use around here. The kids always seem to think it means they did an extra great job if they get a sticker. Admittedly I use to use them on their work much more often then I do now, all though handwriting still tends to get gold stars. These days, however, the stickers get used up a lot more for checklists.

There's just something that encourages them to tick things off if I offer out stickers or put chore lists on the white board. Whatever works, right? The only problem is the stickers were all over the place & there was, no joke, a moan that someone couldn't find the beloved monster stickers. Yeah, the ones I paid all of $1 for a huge pack of them. I mean, seriously there were a ton of other stickers to choose from including the brand new viking stickers I'd picked up that weekend!!

Which reminded me, that I also have a huge reddish for small bags that help me organise things. You've rather gotten the picture that I like to be organised, right? Good, & that makes it easier for you you understand such an absurd fettish, right?

The little blue bag above is actually suppose to be a make-up bag, but that's another thing I don't do. It's been years since I've worn make-up, turns out I'm allergic to half the stuff in them & I kind prefer the non-scratched to bleeding look of my face to be honest. All though, I did wear some horrid eye shadow to look like a punk-rocker type person at Mr S' 40th. Yeah, my eyes were in pain for days over that stupid idea, & my kids kept asking what on earth that stuff on my face was. Ha! The bag, however, was discounted & just right for holding the pens I colour code my journal with. The previous bag I'd been using broke it's zipper ages ago & I was trying to make do with one of those silly kiddie pencil tins, but honestly it was driving me nuts because everything kept spilling out!

This pouch was from ebay. It's suppose to be for organising yourself while traveling. It's called a passport holder, I think. After our one, & only, passport fiasco we have all passports under lock & key while we travel so this isn't used for such a purpose. I was actually going to use it to organise a few postcards I'd bought to mail to the US, but when I heard the moan & groan about the stickers & then found myself demanding that whomever stole the tiny Thomas ruler give it back I decided I could use it to fix the current mess we were in.

I slipped a nice selection of stickers inside & then wondered where the rest of my sticker stash was. Yep, I actually have a sticker stash. They still haven't all turned up because the drawer everyone thought they were in is mysteriously empty. There's 3 smaller sleeve/pouches on each side. I just cut the sticker pages down so I could slip them into the pockets. It's also super handy so more then one child can grab stickers at the same time.

There's also a big slot on each side which holds the spelling stickers on one side & puffy stickers on the other side. There's one zip pocket on the righthand side which is where the sticker books the sheets of cut-up stickers are stored in until we need more. The pocket on the front has a few bookmarks & the ruler.

The ruler use to be Jayde's when he was much littler, but I confiscated it from a "get rid of" pile because it fit perfectly in my pencil bag & I use it when I'm doing Bible study. Morgan liked the idea of using it for Bible study so now he'll snag it too, & often forget to return it. Jayden use to snitch it to draw his L's with until I told him I was not waiting 5 minutes for him to write an L with a perfect right angle on the thing.

The whole thing can zip close & gets stored in a box that sits atop our book shelf, all though during the day it's most often on the table so people can quickly snatch up stickers to mark off their planners as they work through their day.

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