Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Organising MUS Fraction Overlays

Apparently the theme over here this week is organising & planing ahead, because here I am with another organisational idea. Not to mention I know what the other posts for this week are all about too.. You don't mind, do you?

When you purchase MUS Epsilon you're suppose to obtain the lovely Fraction Overlays. These are a big part of what makes Epsilon hands on & click for the hands on student. My boy absolutely loved using these crazy things. The only thing I hated about them was that I often found him & the overlays more like this:

Now don't get me wrong, he's doing his work, & that's awesome, but seriously the mess!! The problem was he couldn't quickly find what he was after so he just dumped the whole thing out & went with it. Then he'd say, "Mom, I need help I can't find the tenths overlay.." Yeah, because I'm bound to find it in that jumble of stuff, right? Ha!

I finally had enough of the mess & the please for help in finding a missing piece that was generally right under his nose. I took the pile of stuff & marked every single thing. Each different coloured piece is worth a different value, all though I think we're missing a 5th or a 10th, I can't remember which now. Anyway, I wrote on the back of them in pencil whatever their value was, grabbed their 2 matching overlays & clipped them all together with matching bulldog clips. Wrote their values on them, slipped everything back into the pockets & handed it back.

"Wow, this is awesome!" was the reply. Yes, of course it is, because you can see it all now! It does make the packet a bit thicker with the clips, but we use used a funband to hold the whole thing closed "just in case" & popped it back on the shelf. It all works, right? Unfortunately, 2 different groups have blue clips because one is a true blue while the other is a purple-gray-blue colour. I'm certain I have purple bulldog clips around, but until they turn up that works.

As a weird factoid, as I know I have some people who's children also have scotopic sensitivity syndrome reading, my boy finds that he can't use the white background as Mr Demme showed them. The idea is you put up a white card. Next you lay the coloured card down based on how much you need {3/4, 2/5, 1/10, etc.} then you put the clear overlay on top. My boys eyes go nuts when he does that & he seriously can't see anything. So he uses an orange or green card depending on which colour card his problem required.

You don't need to use the packet of overlays all the time, in fact he only used them at the beginning when he learned to deal with making like denominators & towards the end where he was working on the algebraic problems. If he got stumped on something I'd suggest he pull out the overlays as well.

I made the mistake one day of flipping the orange side to white thinking he'd simply put it up wrong when he looked up & said, "Who moved my stuff!!" I thought he was clowning around until I realised the folly of what I'd done. Yeah, his eyes do not handle white.

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

My eldest never used the overlays at all, so that was money well spent ... lol Actually I am not concerned as her little sister is very kinaesthetic so am sure they'll get used then.

Love that photo of your lad on the floor. He looks so relaxed and comfortable doing his work.