Friday, August 15, 2014

Nana's 80th

Nana turned 80 this past week, something that didn't escape anyone's mind as the days ticked closer. We conspired earlier this year to get together at our place as the bush camping we use to do with the family isn't something Nana is confident with anymore.

With all the space we have we opted to host anyone who could make it into town to celebrate. We had people staggering in at various times, which is pretty normal when we have family get togethers.

To keep Nana occupied while others were arriving we gave her a funny birthday badge that lights up & flashes when you push the button. We told her she had to wear it all weekend, but you know I think she forgot to wear it on her actual birthday!

There's a pretty funny story in our family about Nana's Knickers. You see Nana always has a to take lots of knickers with her whenever she goes anywhere. We've been woken up at family camping events before to the announcement that she's missing a pair, or two.. We've had knicker emergencies before where we've gotten the daily count of how many she has left clean in her bag, but the story that takes the cake was when she was in hospital last year with a broken hip. Half delusional on pain medication she kept asking people to bring her more knickers! The requests were getting pretty insane & it was a two-person effort. I'd collect the next load of knickers & hand them off to a brother-in-law who'd then take them to Nana. When I got the 6th call for more knickers I decided I was going to put an end to the entire problem. I went to her house & took out the entire knicker drawer & sent it with my bil to Nana. I figured there could be no mistake that she'd have any left at home this way. It worked, except she was bewildered as to why he had the whole drawer with him.

We teased her & told her for her birthday she was getting 80 pairs of knickers. Which was only made more funny when she rolled up to the front door on Friday & told me that her neighbour asked if she was moving out. You see Nana had a suitcase, a travel bag, her handbag, & her rolling walker with her. When she told her neighbour she was not moving out just going away for the weekend & wanted plenty of clean knickers, Nana's neighbour informed her that she, the neighbour, has smaller undies & doesn't need to take so many bags with her. I laughed so hard I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle.

And so I teased Nana about her knicker situation more. I told her that we were planning to play a game this weekend entitled, "Pin the Knickers on Nana.." To which, of course, she highly doubted & kept saying, "Oh suuuuure, Kendra..." 

While we waited for the final bits of company to straggle in on Saturday so we could take Nana on the wackiest bike ride of her life, I mean what else would you do when you turn 80?! I went to the kitchen white board & drew a pair of old fashioned knickers on the board & entitled it with the game name. She roared with laughter about it unaware of our secret plan for the evening ahead.

So off we all went on our lovely bike ride, which was really fun but very crazy. To all we ran off the walking & bike path forgive us, we don't get out often! Nana had loads of fun & was treated to a hot chocolate afterwards while the rest of us hustled back to the house to prepare for the great escapade of the evening..

80 pairs of knickers strung throughout the home as a lovely birthday garland. We ran out of rope & had to dig out more to string them up with. then we ran out of pegs & had to get more of them out too. The laughter that ensued as we decorated the house was quite something, but not nearly as funny as turning around & realising that everyone present was hanging up underpants & the floor was still covered with the things! Some opted to don a few pairs in an attempt to help get them hung up quickly.

Needless to say there was a bit of silence when Nana was heard coming in the kitchen calling out she'd just been to have a hot cocoa & a bit of cake, as we all waited to see her reaction when she noticed our hideous decorations. She walked in the lounge room took one look around & said, "So, I see you bought 80 pairs of knickers then!" She walked out, made herself a cup of tea, grabbed some cheese & sat back down like nothing had happened at all.

She knows how to take it all in stride! Mind you, we did find her in absolute stitches when a few of the guys came out in the most colourful pairs. Turns out knickers make great hair, super hero pants, fake hair, & so forth. There was a game going on to see who could manage to work the most into a costume, but the stakes went higher each time someone accomplished it.. 

In fact the only reasonably sane thing I think we did to celebrate Nana turning 80 was pulling out Ticket To Ride.. never mind how late it was, or that we had to stop a few times to don fresh knicker costumes, attack each other with tins of silly string, or let off party poppers.. It's pretty normal for a family gathering around these parts.


Keeslermom said...

Love it! Glad Nana kept her humor about the whole thing! Tell her you're saving them for her 90th.

reader19 said...

What fun! Your family is a "hoot!"