Sunday, August 10, 2014

Earth Science

I've mentioned a few times now, that I was trying to piece together a bit of our own science, & this past week we were delighted to see some of our earth science books rolling in the door. The intention was to use them next year, but the kids are pretty eager to jump in so who knows what will happen.

I ended up ordering a few spines to choose from, all though thus far I'm really really pleased with the whole Painless Earth Science. I'm not sure if it's on level for Jayde or if he'll struggle with it, so I need to look at it again with that thought in mind. Lessons are pretty simple with little review questions sprinkled throughout to be sure your understanding the information. The book advertises an app that goes with it as well where you can quiz yourself on the information learned. Not sure if we'll snag that or not.

The other spines I snagged were Earth Science For Every Kid. It's a typical Van Cleave book in that it's loaded with experiments that are suppose to help you draw a conclusion about the topic at hand. Truthfully though aside from that it doesn't have heaps of information in it. I knew that when I purchased it so it's more of an experiment spine as my kids are totally hands on in that area.

I also purchased The Earth Science Book by Dinah Zike. There are references to evolution within the book, which I also knew prior to purchasing it. I still went through with my purchase so I could have a good look to see if it's editable for our purposes or not. I'm not entirely decided yet on that factor.

I know what is classified as earth sciences, & I also knew what I wanted to cover in each area, which helped me narrow down some choices for books too. For astronomy we ended up getting the newly released Leap Into Space. We really love the books in this series & I was really excited to one based on astronomy. In general it's a tough topic for our location as most books don't hit on the southern hemisphere. 

For weather I went with The Kids Book Of Weather Forecasting, which was one Jayde was going to use in Sea & Sky anyway. Again, this is a series of books we really love & I was happy with the choice. The book is written by a meteorologist, & has a lot of information in there about how they do their forecasting & things you can try as well.  I may or may not search out a book on clouds as well, we'll see if what we have will cover what I'm after.

With Geology we chose Geology Rocks. This isn't in the same series, but we've enjoyed other books from the Kalidiscope Kids books before & have enjoyed each of them. These books are full of information & lots of hands on ideas, all though not written from a Christian perspective. Again, I knew that going into the purchase.

All up I'm pleased with my choices & need to decide how to map it all out & if I want to add any other books in. For instance I'm seriously debating the Basher Earth Science books. We own a couple of these now for other science topics & have checked a couple out of the library. They are really simple, well illustrated, & fun. 

We've also got The Ocean Science Book, which we've previously used. We could use it again to round out that side of our studies if we needed/wanted, or we might look at something a little more too. Mind you we're not short of ocean science books in this house by any means.

And just to round things out a little we also went with It Couldn't Just Happen. We wanted something to really help us look at evolution without bashing the idea behind it. No, we don't agree with evolution, but I'm a firm believer in not bashing someone else's beliefs, especially in an effort to make my own known. Ironically I'd completely forgotten about It Couldn't Just Happen & stumbled upon it in my searches for something else. I added it to my order & when I mentioned it to Mr S he got really excited as he remembers when he read the book & gave it to me. Funny thing was I all ready owned a copy of it. Great minds & all that, right?

So now all I need to do is decide how to plan it all out for an upcoming year of fun! The kids are holding out hope that I'll snap with it & we can add that into our mix of sciences. Hey, you never know..

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