Thursday, August 14, 2014

Accidents Happen..

The kids have been on a real footy kick lately, not that it's any real surprise considering it 'tis the season, but man they've gone through a lot of footballs this year! They've lost or kicked so many over fences this year, most of which have been returned to them in one fashion or another. They were pretty blessed one a neighbour felt bad that their ball went flat in his yard after they carefully waited 3 days for him to return home just to get permission to retrieve it. He surprised them the following day with a brand new footy. 

Said footy was taken on a walk with us last week. They kicked it back & forth for a while before telling me I could have a go. I of course kicked it right into the blackberry patch. Sweet of me, dontcha think? Morgan braved crawling up in a pottaroo path under the brambles to retrieve it & asked me to hold an offending branch back out of the way. I was made to promise beyond all promises ever made that I would not let go of the branch. I assured him I would not let go of the branch even if a shark jumped up out of the ocean & tried to rip my leg off. Not even if the crazy seal came over & tried to eat my hair. And especially not if the crazy gulls tried to drop a clam on my head. I would hold that stick until he came back out.

So imagine his anger when he popped back out that little path & the stick I was suppose to be holding popped him just above the eye. Yeah, I'm not sure who screamed loudest because we were both screaming pretty loud. I did not, however, let go of the stick! The branch I was holding broke off the bush at the very same moment the poor kid climbed out of the thicket. I didn't even take the above photo, that's how great I was holding the stick!!

Yeah, he's still sporting a lovely scrape above his eye to which, when people ask what on earth happened, he has to say, "Mom didn't hold the stick very well." You can just imagine the ugly looks I get over that one.. I told him we should make up some absurd story of how the ball actually went onto the footy field & as he dived to mark it he got plowed over by the pros, but as he pointed out, "No one's really gonna believe that rubbish!" 

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