Saturday, August 9, 2014

2014 Week Wrap Up: Week 20

Another week gone by, & with it went another month of the year. This year is flying by, & I've all ready started noticing Christmas countdowns & have heard a few remarks about it within the walls of our own home as well.

It was business as usual, mostly, around our place this week. We weathered some crazy wild weather this week which resulted in a few times where we just sat quietly waiting for it to abait enough to not have to scream across the house to each other.

First we had wild driving rains & once those let up to small drizzles we had endless amounts of wind that whistled & rattled us like crazy. Living close to the ocean we're use to some pretty stiff breezes, & often get warnings of gail force winds all though most of those don't come to be a reality. We all survived it, despite some long wild nights. Unfortunately our guinea pig hutch did not survive the craziness of it all, & thus our guinea pig is missing..

Bad weather or not, maths carried on as normal around here. Someone was working on finding the area of triangles & other such fun things until he was so distracted by all the commotion that he was heard to wail, "Seriously will this never end!!"

I looked up to see him staring out the window during a moment of no rain. A city bus broke down across the street from us & while I was debating running out to see if I could call for help or offer anything to those stranded on it the sky turned black & opened back up. We're talking wind & rain that pushes & pulls at the same time. I figured everyone was safest where they were.

Someone was delighted to wrap up his math book this week! The final lesson in the book is a wild ride, but he tackled it. Mind you part of it is mind over matter when Mr Demme announces that many high school students struggle with what he just taught them..

Morgan pulled out his cursive book & put it on his scheduled to work with this term. He's got a goal in place for it & we'll see how he goes. He was very dutiful with it last week & his schedule with it is reasonably simple so honestly I don't see it being an issue for him. He was most unimpressed with the capital G's though.

Jayde decided he'd should work on his own handwriting as well. Or perhaps it was more that he didn't feel his printing was ready to turn into cursive yet. Either way he scheduled it out for himself too & dutifully worked on it all week. He can write amazingly well in the book, but outside of the book it's crazy!

Our lovely new Bible study books arrived late the week prior so we were able to dig into them on Monday. We're studying 2 Timothy with the Discover 4 Yourself series. They do use an NASB version Bible with the studies & while you can adapt with whatever version you have there are times when they are looking for specific words in the NASB. I enjoy using the NASB in terms of how it reads, but the kids don't have that version Bible. While the text is always in the back of the book it can be cumbersome to flip back & forth. So this time I went over to BibleGateway & printed out the book of 2 Timothy for them. I removed footnotes & enlarged the font, especially for our SSS boy. Then I made sure each verse was separated from the one prior. This helps when looking for specific things or adding your own notes. It's worked perfectly for us thus far.

Swim lessons were accomplished despite our crazy weather. It wasn't too bad when we left the house, clad in rain gear, but within minutes of being on the road it was pretty ugly. It cleared up before we got there, or I might have turned back. The boys had a sub teacher this particular week & worked on a variety of things. Morgan's got his dives down so after their lesson was over the guards were slow in swapping out the Swim School sign so he went back up for a few regular dives.

No practices this week. Not only was the weather insane the pool lost power more times then we can count. The water the boys generally swim in had only just warmed up to slightly warmer then room temperature. With icy temps rolling in from the storm I'm not sure if it will warm up again anytime soon!

Both boys worked on spelling this week. Morgan completed a step after having one word trip him up most of the week, & then promptly spelled it wrong the following Monday morning. Ahh spelling how we loathe thee. Jayde spent most his week reviewing because while he can remember all the rules he fails to apply them to his work. He's determined to graduate out of his book before the end of the term, & I'm hopeful for him too!

We finished up week 36 in Quest for Ancients, which was the life, ministries, & death of Jesus as well as other things happening at that time. We didn't end up delving into projects for that particular week with all the craziness going on. We did, however, seem to find ourselves eating popcorn & listening to Our Island Story almost daily. We wrapped up Mystery of History Volume 1 which was a delight as Volume 2 & 3 have all ready arrived on our front door step. Very exciting to be truly launching into middle ages next week!

I finally convinced Jayde to go read his assigned book to himself. He's been really reluctant to do this for some reason. I honestly have no idea why he's not a struggling reader by any means, all though he often reads below his level when he reads to people, but on or above his level when he reads to himself. I had him reading aloud to me for a long while now because I found that, at times, when he read to himself the assigned books he was skipping over things instead of sounding them out.

I don't seem to have a photo of Morgan but he started a new book this week too, assigned reading, & was really nervous about reading it on his own too. His nerves usually come from stumbling a lot if he's having a bad eye day, but I insisted he give it a go & when he finally surfaced again he was so delighted with his book he couldn't wait to tell us all about it. We're working with trying to get his eyes use to reading longer chapters now. I had him reading Henry & Ribsy, which has lengthier chapters, but we were blessed with a copy with larger font. It seems a perfect fit for him right now.

And that pretty much wraps up our week. There was a lot of doodling of Lego Men in their planners & doodle boxes. We also listened to Little House In The Big Woods on a trip into the city for a footy match that the kids loved watching. We also tried listening to The Silver Branch during a couple of trips into town to get Mr S from work, but in all the bad weather we couldn't get the radio to work properly. That probably sounds odd, but we can feed our audio books from the iPhones through the car radio to listen to them on the system in the car. Oh well, we'll listen to it next week instead.

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Dawn said...

What a full week. The weather has been wild and crazy around here this summer. The swimming looks great.
Blessings, Danw