Monday, August 25, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 22

It seems I can't keep up with our weekly reviews, which isn't the end of the world, but we sure do love looking through them at the end of the year & seeing how we progressed. So, despite this being more then a week out of date we'll back up to week 21 of our school year. All though, between you & me, I think we messed up our count somewhere & we may be a week or more ahead of the 21 mark.. not that it truly matters.

Both boys are still working fairly independently on things & that means I don't have as many photos of the day to day items because while they are busy doing their school, I'm generally busy doing other things as well. I did manage to snag a few though:

Not sure why it looks like he's counting on his fingers, he wasn't, all though he was deep in thought. So much so he never heard me suggest he put on his glasses until I finally put them on him myself. He covered exponents, powers, & basic decimal work that week. Most of it was review for him & he's not felt the need to dwell much on each lesson. The first three pages of his book, for any lesson, cover new material, the next 3 are review. That means the first page of every lesson is mandatory, after that it's up to them if they skip to the review pages or not, at least 1 review page is mandatory each week. If we see slippage in skills then we're firm about how many extra review pages must be completed in a week too.

Yes, he's doing school in a onsie, & no I didn't ask him to take it off. Chances are he would have, very happily. However, changes are also pretty high there would have been nothing on underneath it. Yikes!! Jayde hit a small roadblock with math because he wasn't doing his fact practice & quickly realised he needed to get back to the facts each day if he didn't want to spend all day at the table. Problem solved.

This naughty little fellow joined us for various language arts lessons too. Have I mentioned how much I despise Squeakers joining us for language lessons? He prefers to add his opinion on all subjects not to mention take a chunk out of the pages. We had to hold off on the writing assignment because we started our LA sooner then history, & the LA writing assignment was based on a history lesson they hadn't covered yet. Other then that a lot of information they are learning is still in the review category, all though not all of it. We're still enjoying using the WP LA courses at this stage.

History was light this week, but that's okay. We're reading portions of all of the above books. The top book is actually a flimsy paperback Bible that I covered in some heavy card stock. Sometimes we read directly from the Bible & sometimes we gather around while we listen to an audio version via You can select any Bible version of your choosing & listen for free over there. Some versions have more then one narrator so you can choose the one you prefer the most. We listened to several different narrators for the fun of it & one of them had us in absolute stitches as he read out the genealogy of Christ.

Swim lessons were as normal. Excuse the wild hair, they had it all whacked off on that weekend. We had a few practices as well as they are trying to perfect a variety of things. We'd like to take the summer off from lessons, & they'd like to wrap up the level they are on & obtain their certificates. We'll see how it goes.

Both boys are still working daily in assigned book selections. Jayden has decided he's really enjoying mysteries so we laid a few prior selections aside so he could indulge in another mystery from the series he was reading previously. Morgan is currently on a Henry kick & found it quite funny to find an old friend, Ramona, in the book. He declared, over chores one day, that Henry can be quite naughty at times even if he is kinda funny. Clearly not naughty enough that he's bothered by the book, he really couldn't handle the new Hardy Boys books because he found the name calling & other nonsense in them too irritating to handle.

Plenty of exercise outside this week with the weather warming up. All those rocks are not generally on our beach during the summer, but in the winter they roll in, pile up, & cause quite a masterpiece. They were so crazy down there during this week that we opted not to forgo walking on the beach & walk on the track that runs along the coast. The dog loves either one because on the beach he can run to his hearts content, & on the track he has to run to keep pace with the boys on their bikes. Yes, my boys heads look red, believe it or not both boys have quite red hair in their baby photos as well. All though most of the time they have a more blondish look to them.

We spent a lot of time outside, & continue to do as the weather warms up. It's hard to pass up the chance to be in the sun after a long grey winter..

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reader19 said...

Good to see a new pix of your birdie--it was Dobby, but then I think you all changed it after that, but I still think of it as Dobby! Maybe Squeekers? I forget, but nice to see him again! Thanks for sharing!