Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 21

It was a crazy week here preparing for Nana's 80th which we were hosting, but school happened all the same!

The boys knew they had Friday off, a semi-light day on Monday & the other three days of the week to meet pre-set goals. It works well & at the end of the week everything was done, dusted, & ready to party. Or at least the people were!

The kids are working a lot on their own, so not as many pictures, I find that my kids work a lot better when I'm not in the room, so I tend to stay busy with other things when I know they are doing their solo work.  I still managed to capture a few day-to-day type moments.

We're still working on our Bible study in 2 Timothy with the Discover 4 Yourself Series. We tend to work together at the table on this & while we may, sometimes, work through all of 1 day's suggested work, other days we might not. It depends on the day & how much we have going on. There can be a lot of stuff to gleam from one day so we just go with the flow.

Poor Jayden missed out on packages this week. Okay, so in all honestly nearly all the packages we get are books & they are nearly all school books so he considers all the books mine. Imagine his extreme irritation when he saw this problem in his math book this week! Not to mention the same day a package arrived with another book in it.. for his brother.

Morgan embarked with his new math book as well this week, all though I don't seem to have a photo of that. He was pretty comfortable with the lesson & felt good enough bout it that at the end of the week he scheduled himself to move forward in the math book.

I walked in & found Jayden reading his book. He's been really nervous about branching off on his own for assigned books. Don't ask me why, this is the same kid who takes WW2 books to bed, or books about Ancient Rome to bed, all books he's pulled off our shelves or taken out of the library. He'll read them to himself & then tell us all the weird facts he's learned, or when I mention what we could learn next in history he revolts because, "I all ready read about that, can't we learn about something I haven't learned yet." Don't ask me why he's so funny about the assigned books which are truly below him to help build his confidence in this area. Either way, he finished his assigned book last week & delighted us all with an incredibly difficult code on the board which held the answer to the mystery he'd been reading.

Excuse the colour of the photo, this boy prefers to read in odd lighting because his eyes don't handle the white light as well. He's been plucking along in his book & doing great, all though by the end of the week his eyes were incredibly worn out. After his discovery at the footy last week, however, I did notice he was rarely seen without glasses during the week. I did catch him playing a video game without them & put them upon his face, I got a thanks for it so no worries there. He'll actually get motion sickness from video games or a migraine if he doesn't wear the glasses.

We spent a couple of days reading introductions & a bit of information from a stack of new books. All of them are lovely & the kids are so excited to see that Medieval Jobs book. When I opened it up to read there were a few whoops followed by, "This is the book isn't it! You got the next one in the series!!" Forbidden Gates is our current read aloud {I so need to update the side bar on my blog..} & has the potential to be quiet interesting. I'm curious to see where it will go.

I'm always torn on MOH, I do love that they show Biblical history intermingled with traditional history, but sometimes I feel as though the lessons within lack meat. All though from the looks of Vol. 3 the lessons will eventually get deeper. Still, though, we've only just started Vol II so it'll be interesting to see how the lessons go as we continue forward.

Mr S left a message on the board for the kids after we'd had a rough evening. Truthfully people were just tired & worn out, but he left them a little reminder, which the kids dutifully opted to change the meaning/message of. Seriously cracked me up when I found it! Mind you, these are the same kids who lodged firm complaints that Daddy wasn't doing school properly when he tried to teach them during a week I was sick. I'm guessing things haven't changed much since that time all those years ago.

During spelling one day somebody thought it would be interesting to see how AAS would work if you could only write with your feet. Never mind he's using his hand to control his foot, doesn't have his glasses on, & proceeded to knock half the magnets off the board. Yeah, it didn't last long, all though he did manage to spell the word he was writing correctly! He moved up another step last week all though we found one of his review words started tripping him up again. He was really frustrated with that.

Jayden, on the other hand is still working on a considerable amount of review to be able to move into the next book. We're both a little frustrated with it & I'm seriously considering putting him back into Sequential Spelling. He tends to learn better on rote memorisation, thus he can tell me all the wonderful spelling rules like crazy, but spell the words by applying the rule?! And that is why this incredibly smart little boy hates word problems in math.

Mr S discovered the kids had changed the meaning of his message so he proceeded to leave a new message on the board the following day. They debated changing fish to sock, but decided that since Mr S has to pass the fish shop on the way home it was probably wiser not to. Ha!

We wrapped up our week Thursday afternoon with a bit of science. Despite the boys desires to jump face first into earth science, I just wasn't prepared & pulled out our original plan of biology. They were cool with it once I pointed out that after wrapping up the science portion of our day we were done. In fact the youngest amongst us was heard to day, "What? We're done. All ready? I haven't even had time to complain that this is taking too long yet!" At least he's honest, right?

Both boys did handwriting practice which they scheduled out for themselves. As Jayde is still taking a firm stand against cursive he's doing printing. Whatever works, to be honest. They both learned how to work the new dryer as we worked on life skills of doing your own laundry this week. And it was all hands on decks to get rooms situated for the incoming guests so all was ready when Nana arrived Friday evening.

We also listened to more of our Little House In The Big Woods cd which is usually on in the car. Still having issues getting the radio to work which we need to sort out. We skipped our other audio books this week, all though we had intended to listen to Silver Branch Friday afternoon before company arrived. We got side tracked decorating for a party & trying our hands at yet another version of non-dairy yogurt. It flopped, incase you were wondering. All though while I'm typing this I have yet another version sitting in the kitchen incubating..

Not too shabby considering we were gone all day Sunday to a footy match, were out Monday for swim lessons, & had Friday off as Mr S was home to get things ready for the party.


Allie said...

Love his answer to the math problem! When I taught school, one of my students decided rather than run calculations to determine if a shelf could hold the weight of a fish tank filled with water, to re-engineer the shelf, making it from titanium.

reader19 said...

I really like your student planner pages---did you make them? Really well done!

Sarah said...

Really found that the Way We Work is above my paygrade this week. My daughter is gr 4/5 at 9 yrs old. I admit to adding Bill Nye videos on youtube as much as possible so far. :D

Kendra said...

Yes, Tracy I did make them. I need to edit them slightly because after using them for 5 weeks we see a few needs we need to include, but other then that they've been a huge blessing!