Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lego Planner

After much debating on which planners the kids would use & not being satisfied with any of them I ended up making them some Lego themed planners this weekend. Who knows, perhaps, somewhere out there such a thing exists, but not in my neck of the woods.

Not to mention generally a typical planner isn't a grand fit for our family for a variety of reasons that I won't bore you with. It took me about 10 minutes to design the whole thing up, & then I had the kids tell me what they wanted on the covers. That took longer then expected, but wasn't a huge surprise either. Morgan ended up going with the design here to the left. We added Benny into the image of the Lego Movie characters at the bottom & then added an additional Benny to the top where the years are divided. Really not too difficult, all though it's more time consuming if you're battling a migraine at the same time. Just warning you!

Jayden's cover was even easier, but then he's crazy about Benny. I found a super large image of Benny on the Lego Wickepedia & snatched it to use on his planner. The interior of the planners is currently identical. After a term of use we may find we need to change them a bit, but for now this works.  There's a "belongs to" type page where the kids can record their names, a few favourite items based on the questions supplied, & a place to note down what they'd like to do for the year. I was curious what they'd write, but one was too tired to care about anything other then going to bed & the other was holding out, still, for a trip to Lego Land. Ha!

After those pages comes a single page for planning their Term Goals. I sit down with the kids & ask them what their goals are in regards to each subject for the upcoming term. It can help if they have a yearly goal. For instance, both kids wanted to finish 2 math books this year. In each child's case they were nearly done with 1 book prior to starting this year & then of course the one they would start this year.

The term goals help them break down those giant steps into more manageable things. I had one child pick big goals this term & one who went a little more mediocre. I think both picked goals that will work for them, all though we'll see. Both have selected goals for spelling, math, & reading. I reminded them both that they wanted to tackle cursive, in full, this year. One added that, with a plan of action, to his goals list while the other decided he was totally over that idea. I broke the news to him that he's still going to learn it, even if he chooses not to do it now.

After that each week has one of these grid planning pages. The black & white lego man is intentional so they can colour him & design their own mini-fig. Something they do all the time anyway, they've even invented games about it.. Anyway, instead of days of the week we put Day One-Five across the top of the planner. While I have no qualms with days of the week our Winter Promise stuff is labeled as such so I went with it. I also didn't want a certain child to freak out if we did Monday stuff on say Tuesday.. This works, all though said child was a little freaked out by how I'd designed it anyway. You lose some, you lose some more.. or so the saying in our family goes.

Subjects are written down the left hand side. I goofed up LA, but didn't realise until it was printed out & wasn't about to throw the pages away! I included subjects we do as a family more for my child who needs to see his daily scheduled to avoid the "I thought we were done" thing from happening.

At the top they date the page, & can write down the term we are in & what week of the term it is. That helps them see where they are with their goals & if they need to speed up, aim higher, or discuss a plan of action because they aren't going to make it.

There's also this page for each week. I took a few ideas I'd seen from student planners & crammed them onto one page. While my children don't have spelling words, per say, each week they do still use the All About Spelling curriculum & sometimes one word can hold them back from advancing to a new step. I opted to put the spelling word box in so that they can jot down a word they are struggling with. Each time they open their planner then cay spell the word to themselves. It'll also make a great reference point for words they may stumble frequently with.

There's a Notes section. Do you have a child who always say, "I need to remember.." & ten minutes later he's put the leftovers in the washer, the clean dishes in the fridge, & the everything else in the dishwasher?! Oh my goodness, I'm sure this season will pass, but in the mean time he can use the notes section to become a bit more level headed!! 

Both of my kids are doodlers & I wanted a place dedicated for doodling rather then having it all over the book! Of course a larger version of the blank minifig to doodle, colour, or otherwise decorate. Those fellows are, as normal, a huge hit. The top box is just a for fun type box. Each week there's something different there. I wrote silly things like, "If I could invent something it would be..." or "If I could slip into a world in a book I'd go to.." & so forth. I think the one there is something about the best thing they did that week.

The boys love the planners, & my planner was super keen to sit down & fill in all his goal sheets, plan his week out & start using it straight up. All in all not bad for a short amount of time. I need to fix a few things in them & then I'll see if I can get them uploaded to share. 


Nancy Ann said...

Wow!! You have completely outdone yourself Kendra!! Fabulous job!! I love the blank mini fig. I may make some of those, I can totally see my son enjoying making up Lego characters.

Allie said...

Love the planner! I had something somewhat similar to it for mine several years ago, but in landscape. This is making me wonder about bringing that back, but realistically I don't have time to fill it in.