Sunday, July 27, 2014

Learning Area

In lue of our new term starting at the same time we were starting a new theme/unit of study it seemed like the opportune time to tidy up our library/learning area. There were new books that needed to be put in the baskets, & books we'd finished that we needed to put away. Not to mention the book shelves were in complete disarray & needed some major help. One thing led to another & I was moving bookcases before it was over.  We're actually in need of building a few more, & we're looking at putting sides on those ones.

I was delighted to find another white board at the same incredibly low price I picked up the first one. Unfortunately it meant rearranging the stuff on the walls which is generally a collage of stuff. It all started as a way to deplete bare white walls in our rentals, but after renting for 11 years I'm finding I don't actually have things to hang upon the walls! Sad, but true. Thus our walls in the learning area remain littered with all sorts of lovely educational stuff as well as certificates of accomplishment.

The stop shelves still hold all our day-to-day items from boxes of books for each child to school supplies. I picked up a cookbook holder for $2 at a local cheap-shop & have used it for a variety of things. For now it works perfectly to hold out my incredibly thickly bound manual. Yes, that manual has our history, two science guides, & a language arts guide in it. I was a little worried about it at first, but I have really enjoyed the way it turned out. It was a bit difficult getting it bound like that, but the results were totally worth it.

I dug out lots of our castle, knights, & other middle ages books to spread out around the room. The kids will often ask what I think they should read or what would make a great book. I beat them to the punch on this one & woke up to find they'd added to the stack of books spread out. The wooden box is a chest my father-in-law made & it's incredibly heavy. We've moved it a billion & one times over the past couple of years & it was on it's way to the tip when I rescued it. It currently houses most of Jayde's playmobil which he loves using while listening to read alouds. See the castle on top? Yep, we had an amazing scene set up in here the other day. It also works as another seat if needed, all though the computer desk is suppose to be there eventually.

The other side of our room didn't change too much, just got a big freshening up. We did remove the big purple chair because we needed more seating in our lounge room. That crazy red chair is actually a camp chair the kids picked up at an opshop a while back & they love curling up in it with a quilt. I found the Civil War quilt spread out on it the day after I took this photo. The book baskets by the fire place have been refreshed, & yes there is a post box atop our fire place. One of the book baskets now houses a few science kits we'll be using this year. We moved a couple into plastic boxes before putting them in there, but it all worked. 

We generally sit on this side of the room to do our reading together & then people move to the table  on the other side of the room to do maths, notebooking pages & whatever else is on task for the day. It's lovely & cosy in this room, but equally sunny thanks to that brilliant window in the front. The only downer is that it can get quite warm in there in the summer as that brilliant window doesn't actually open up. Most likely because there's a huge rose bush out front of it, that despite the icy rain falling one day this winter I went outside & trimmed anyway. Do you have any idea how horrifying rose bushes sound when they scape against a window?!

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Your school room looks wonderful!!