Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 11th Birthday

Jayden turned 11 last month, I'm pretty sure he was even more excited about turning 11 then he was about 10. All though the large mysterious package we collected with him in the car might have had a lot to do with it. It was one of those spur of the moment things where we told everyone to get in the car, grabbed a bunch of quilts & took off. 

He was absolutely convinced he knew we were just getting him something from Kmart, which was kinda true. Except that we had to go to the Kmart Warehouse to collect it, which just so happens to be down a dark alley in the middle of no where. So we told him to close his eyes as we drove down the alley & loaded up the packages in the car & covered them with quilts. Upon being told he could peek he had no idea where we were & when I pulled out beside a bottle shop I told him his gift was a case load of wine. He wasn't impressed.

Needless to say when he woke up on his birthday & discovered the packages on the bench he was a little confused about this oversized package he'd seen in the car that day. Our bedroom has a door that leads outside & I used it to sneak to the back door & bang on it until he came out where the large package was set up in the form of a trampoline in our backyard. He's still trying to comprehend how that oblong package turned into a giant round trampoline!

His birthday was on a Thursday, a day we normally hang out with homeschool friends, but we opted out of the event that week mostly because I didn't make up my mind to RSVP in time. We've taken to bringing cupcakes with us for the kids birthdays, so I told Jayde he could take them the following week instead. Then some homeschooling friends who opted out of the event asked if we'd like to get together that day & Jayde wanted to know if they would come over & have cupcakes with him. He was super delighted when they agreed, so much so he didn't notice I never frosted the cupcakes, nor did he complain he was too big for the teddy bear cupcake holders.

He opted for homemade pizza for his birthday, because despite stating it's Gluten Free did you know that Pizza Huts GF pizza actually has gluten in it? Yep. And milk. So we made our own pizzas, much to his absolute delight, all though he said he was asking for homemade pizza instead of take-out pizza because it would be easier for me, but I think he really meant safer

We don't generally do two cakes, & simply save cake time for when we have family over for dinner of lunch. Instead we have some other, smaller, treat that we're not prone to have very often. For years it was homemade oreos that the kids asked for, but this year Jayde asked if we could do safe banana splits. When I said, "Oh, that will be fun!" He ran off to tell the household, neighborhood, & I think the state that we were having banana splits for his birthday.

Needless to say when we slapped a candle in his & brought to him he was beyond delighted. We realised it was honestly his first ever banana split & while he didn't get three scoops of ice cream or pineapple sauce on it he didn't seem to mind. The chocolate & strawberry sauces & non-dairy ice cream were enough to have him trying oh so hard not to laugh through our pathetic rendition of Happy Birthday, which was only made more akward when 2 of the three people singing opted to shout off the traditional Hip-hip & only one of us was screaming Hooray!

He had a glorious day & the birthday celebrations lasted a week around here! Family over for lunch alien cake & games on Sunday. He picked the cake out & while I totally messed up the eye he didn't seem to mind. Maybe because he was still in shock I agreed to make a cake that required fruit loops & suckers. The later went straight in the bin while he wasn't looking..

Packages continued to arrive throughout the week bearing more birthday gifts. I never can seem to time ordering gifts in the mail to perfection no matter how early I place the orders. He's fallen in love with the Poppy series of books so we ordered him a small stuffed mouse & porcupine to act out the books with. They've gotten into a fair bit of trouble around here all ready, anti-itch, eczema, friendly bubble bath {he's in heaven}, & Morgan ordered him several fun minifigs which all elicited the words, "Wait, is this?! Did you REALLY get me...!!" 

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