Friday, July 11, 2014

Dobby AKA: Squeakers

For many months Jayden had been pestering for a bird & when I say pestering I'm talking this kid came in with marks on his hands where he'd managed to snag wild sparrows & blackbirds, but they pecked him & got away. Thank goodness he didn't try & snag a kookaburra or a currawong! Mind you, the later probably wouldn't have cared so long as he offered it a bit of dog food.

Gram surprised Jayde by sending Mr S & I off to scour the town for a bird as his Christmas gift. And scour we did. Our pet shop in town doesn't stock many animals aside from fish. They prefer to refer you to the RSAPC or the local Dogs Home, I'm all in favour of that after having spent a few years volunteering for a humane society. The upside is that while they may not have birds or pets on hand they can refer you to places you can obtain them. They referred us to a local couple who are incredibly passionate about the birds they raise.

When we first met them they were in the process of cleaning up from having just fed a flock of baby birds & when the lady opened the cage where our future bird was the entire contents of the cage came & settled on her shirt & each time she attempted to chase them away they just regrouped on her head or arms. It was really quite amusing to us. She took us & showed us all her other birds that are part of the family as well.

We collected our bird on Christmas Eve & what a character we ended up with. The bird is most content when it's out of it's cage, preferably in the same room as people. Jayde had hoped for a talker, & while this bird whistles it's also taken to screaming at us when it's unhappy or hears us having a grand laugh in the other room. Jayde decided he'd misnamed the bird & instead of Dobby {hoping it would copy him} he decided to rename it Squeakers.

Squeakers is an insane little bird that is most often busy annoying me. Oh it's true. The bird joins us for our morning readings & will sit as pretty as you please while we watch it, but the minute I start reading he will head right to our wicker basket & start to nibble on it. I'll stop reading & glare at him & of course it looks up as pretty as you please.. until I start reading again. The other day, convinced I'd give him a piece of my mind I didn't stop reading, but clapped my hands. The bird leaned forward & attempted an extra chunk out of my basket.

I very loudly stated that if the bird continued with that nonsense it would have to go back in it's cage. Squeakers opted to fly to the top of the bookcase, hang upside down & attempt to nibble the pages of the books on the top shelf. This bird has a serious addiction to: paper, wicker baskets, & lego. It's not abnormal for someone to scream, "Your bird is eating my book/math/grocery list!"

Now it's not all bad, we do have our fun with this crazy creature. He's most content to have a twisted up piece of paper to play with while Jayden quietly works away on his math or copywork. All though it can be quiet the distraction because the bird has also learned that if he picks up the paper with his foot & drops it on the floor someone is likely to fetch it for him. Stubborn thing!

Squeakers also has a serious hatred for bedtime. What's up with that?! The bird will be as quiet as ever while we listen to a book or watch a movie, but the minute I say, "Bedtime." what a screaming commotion he makes. He greets us upon our arrivals in & out of the house in the same fashion. Apparently he's tuned his ears to know which car noise is us & as we try to unlock the house we hear him carrying on from the depths of the kitchen. I just wish he'd choose to use words instead of screams.

"Hurry up!" would sound so much better then the caterwauls of screeches he's learned. Or "Take me with you!" or even, "Bedtime stinks!" I'm seriously considering leaving a preschool cd playing near the crazy thing to see if it would help, but with my luck Squeakers would then greet us with one of the Wiggles infamous songs.

You can imagine my horror when Jayde announced that he was thinking of saving his pocket money to purchase a second bird. "What?! Why would you do that?" "I think Squeakers would like a friend, & maybe some children." Ahh yes, & I think I might appreciate a wonderful pack of double thick earmuffs!


Tracey Clifford said...

Oh, that is one cute bird! We have 4 parakeets, you probably already know that but every morning like an alarm, 5:30 a.m. they start their noise.

Allie said...

You're a better woman than I to have a bird in the house. He looks beautiful, but I'm NOT a bird person. Have you hinted about wanting hearing protection for your birthday or Christmas?