Thursday, July 10, 2014

Art Project Tuesday: Snow Falling

Last Tuesday I pulled out an art project I had flagged a while ago for the kids. It was simplistic, but without instructions. I'm often hesitant to attempt things that don't have instructions so it took me a while staring at the picture of the project to really see the shapes & realise how simplistic it was to due.

I then brought up the photo for the kids & pulled out all our scrapbook paper for them to pick from. The original photo had children catching snowflakes which was one reason I selected to attempt it this week. With it being winter it seemed fitting.

Jayde, however, made it totally his own & went with catching rain drops, truly more fitting for a Tassie Costal Winter. He actually drew his on the background paper & then cut pieces to fit what he'd drawn. He wanted hair & didn't realise the string in the original picture was hair, he thought it was whiskers. Oh he cracks us up! His background page was when we've had for years, the water droplets on the person, the person's clothes, & so forth are rain drop stickers I had on hand as well. Yep, I have a lot of that kinda weird stuff.

Morgan went with snowflakes & a more scenic background. He hand cut everything for his, aside from the teeth. I just chopped up some white paper & plopped it on the table for everyone to share as there was dissension that one person was using more white paper & not going to leave any for others. He went with orange/red hair, & if you know Morgan you know he'd totally match that horrid shirt with a funky scarf like that!

I went for snowflakes too. Morgan & I shared the snowflake stickers I had on hand & each chose a differing background. Jayde is annoyed I didn't go with green for the nostril holes & Morgan feels I should have gone for yellow with a pinch of drizzle. Life with boys.

They were pretty simple to do once you had your pieces cut out & decided what you wanted it to look like. We layerd some of it backwards. For instance, once Morgan had his laid down, he glued the tongue into the mouth, the mouth into the head, & the teeth into the mouth. Then he was able to remove just the head without messing up the layout of the littler bits. He was quite relieved by that because it took him a while to get the teeth the way he wanted. It really was a quick & fun project!

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Dianna Auton said...

Those turned out pretty cute. That looks like a fun project right about now and thinking about winter makes me wish it was a bit cooler here in the US. :)