Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Dryer

We hit a milestone around here this year, which might sound odd to those of you living outside of my neck of the woods especially when you learn it was the purchasing of a dryer. Yep. A dryer. When we lived in the USA it was a no brainer that we owned a dryer. Between ice fests & snow in the winter & tornadoes in the spring one wished to spend more time wearing their clothing then thawing it or hunting the neighborhood for it.

When we moved to Australia, however, we needed a washer & with washers & dryers costing a fortune at that time we opted for the washer. After all there's plenty of sun & wind power around here to dry your clothes 10-11 months out of the year. Each winter we reach that point where getting a load of laundry done in a day or even two days comes to a grinding halt & it can take days or even a week to get it done.  Yep, there was that time that I said we could go to church in our pjs of we could stay home..

The time was fast upon us where I was spending so much time balancing the rotation of laundry between outside drying spots & inside drying spots that I was going kinda crazy. You know, waking up in the morning & muttering "laundry.." as you stumble from your bed to make sure your husband has clean dry clothes to wear to work. Yeah, we were at that point when I turned around & said, "I concede, let's buy a dryer."

Mr S looked up from his morning reading & said, "Oh, so you finally want one of those things then?"

You know the best time to buy a dryer around here actually turns out to be the winter because everything is on sale. Between tax time & trying to lure people from the comfort of their warm homes there's always an abundance of sales. We did our research & headed off to the shop, which is far more limited then what our research turned up, so Mr S did his research. He called his sister & asked what kinda dryer she had. Then he looked at the shelf, pointed to the only one in that make & model & said he'd take it.

The salesman responded with, "Great choice, except I don't have any of those in stock at the moment!" Yeah, perhaps not, but at least it didn't take too long for it to arrive & be delivered. If you've ever attempted to shop for something that's out of stock in our neck of the woods you know that waiting a month isn't considered "too long" so 3 days is kinda like express!

Mr S was hesitant about mounting the crazy thing, but the load of laundry in the washer differed with him. Yes, mounted to the wall. We have a luxuriously sized laundry room, especially compared to our last one, but it's long as we have a full bathroom in there, a huge long countertop with cupboards, & a nice sink to boot. The only space for the dryer was mounted on the wall & honestly that's not uncommon, much to the shock of my US friends.

The only problem was Mr S didn't really want to disconnect the washer hoses because every time we do they leak & take new seals & a whole lotta messing with to get them to work without leaking again. That left me climbing behind the washer & heaving the dryer up to him while he manoeuvred the crazy thing onto it's bracket. We got the whole thing done & I turned around & noticed that the spacers weren't installed on the back of the dryer. Which meant taking the whole thing down & starting over again. At least we knew what we were getting into the second time, right?

And, now that it's all securely installed upon the wall no one's mentioned being out of clothes & I've stopped hounding the weather man for a decent report, after all I may have been the only person on the NW coast squealing with joy over impending coastal wind warning because I figured I could dry a whole lotta laundry in that crazy weather. Yeah, it's nice, to have a dryer again.

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