Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 19

It was back to school here last week for our house. We'd actually debated starting the week prior, but decided we really needed that extra week off.

Which left us officially starting Term 3 last week. We took a casual, reasonably, slow start to get back into the swing of things. We don't always start back slowly, which can often backfire on me so I was pretty intent to go slowly!

We pretty much just concentrated on our lovely theme & some math work which was enough to get people back into the swing of things. I had intended to work in science, but it didn't happen & really that's okay.

We kicked off our week with reading Luke Chapter 1 as our studies this week were about the birth of John the Baptist as he prepared the way, the birth of Jesus, & the life of some of his ministries. We also read Luke 2 & used the notebooks to record a verse that spoke to us. The notebooks are cute little Eric Carle ones we found at a local cheap shop.

We've owned Parables From Nature for years & read it previously when the boys were considerably younger. Whenever it's pulled out I always hear, "Ooo, that book!" Yet they don't always remember the stories. I found the book on Audible as well this past week & opted to use some of my extra credits to obtain a copy. It's well done & we've enjoyed listening to a couple of the stories this week. This book is currently on special, if you're interested, for $3.95 over at Audible. I have no idea how long the sale will last. 

Despite stating we are gearing up for Middle Ages, we did have a little Ancient Work to finish. 2 weeks to be exact as we wrapped up MOH 1, read about Jesus' life & death, & so forth. Which means We read from each of the above books. My guys have really really loved their time with that crazy Encyclopaedia. While one isn't scheduled with our Middle Ages theme I'm seriously considering looking for one.  We've enjoyed listening to MOH & STOW, which has been a lovely break for me to be able to listen to all these narrators read to me as well. 

Mr S & I were discussing British History recently under the pretext that it has a great bearing on Australian history as well as a reasonable one on the starts of American History. Which led to a discussion of how much of British History he might have learned in school. I had a book on my wish list, which is what started the whole chat, that I was debating purchasing for use next year when we study about kings & queens alongside Renaissance more in depth. While I'm not sure we ended up with a clear cut answer I did stumble upon An/Our Island Story over on Audible this past week & found that the Kindle version of it was .99 which made for a lovely addition to our school days. We enjoyed listening to a chapter of it each day.  If you're wondering, this particular book is on special over at Audible right now, too, for $3.95 which is party how I found it.

Fret not, our entire studies were not done via Audio books! This was our read aloud for the week, & will be for the following week as well. It has a bit of a rough start with lots of sea lingo & a bit of a brutal Uncle, but if you hang in there past the first 12-20 pages you'll be fine! There's also a crude word, all be it one that has been changed to be used crudely these days, in there too. I can't honestly remember the page number, but it's between pgs 21-41. I only remember which day I had to edit on the fly, not which page number it was on!  The story is suppose to be an unusual telling of King Arthur, but is also about Britain seeking horses to help them defeat the invading Saxons.

The boys had a few hands on assignments that I had them pick & choose from, all though I made 1 assignment mandatory for both of them. The rest were open for them to opt in or out of as they desired. One they both wanted to do was an edible nativity. They had grand plans for it & were debating using the cookie cutter set we purchased a couple years back with this very intention in mind, all though we never did get around to it. However, I had a child lolling around being very bad tempered & I challenged him to go build a nativity from lego. This was the end result! I had a picture of it farther back so you can see the star atop it, but the lighting was bad s you'll just have to trust me on that one. I love the face on Jesus there, do you?

This was our crazy table midweek last week. The boys are both working on their taxation poster while I was reading from the encyclopaedia. Or, rather, I was suppose to be reading from it, but instead I was oohing over all the ancient artefact pictures inside & was reminded that I was suppose to be reading aloud. Ha! The posters they worked on were suppose to be their interpretation of what a poster might have looked like when Caesar Augustus sent out his decree to tax the people. I don't seem to have photos of their finished projects, but they both came out really well. They opted to type on the computer with an older looking font & then leave space in the middle to draw a depiction of what would happen if you didn't follow the order. 

Morgan is on his second last lesson in his math book. Truthfully he could have skipped it, but he really wanted to tackle that one & I wasn't about to stop him. He's very excited to be on the final lesson next week as he's hoping to get through the next one by the end of the year as well. Yes, he's wearing mismatched socks & yes he always wears that jumper. He's had a little boy in our local home ed group ask him if it's the only jumper he owns. Seriously cracked me up.

Jayde opted for review in his math book, which was a great idea for him as he started math in the middle of the week. He was pretty annoyed when I went to take his photo because he was somehow convinced I was spying to see if he was doing the math right. When I turned around again I found him hiding under the afghan that was on the back or the chair.  

It was back to swim for us too, we'd missed off during Term break due to Jayde's footy injury. The kids had lessons on Monday, which we were apparently late for. Do not ask me how on earth every clock we own turned out to be 5 minutes slow!! We also hit the pool for practice 3x this week. It's been so delightful to have the pool nearly to ourselves again. The kids also took on the Ocean Challenge the pool offers, but don't be fooled. It's just a blow up item to run through & slide off the end. Jayde cracked us up when he went flying down it & forget he didn't have his goggles on. Whoops!!

We had a couple of beach walks this week as well. Morgan found this rock & was pretty intent we should have a photo of it. Honestly, I don't know why because once we took the photo he's not once mentioned the rock again. He's probably over the whole, "You find it you carry it!" thing. Which was instituted after Mr S got stuck walking home once with a pocket full of rocks, a huge wooden wedge {now nicknamed cakey} & whale rib.

All in all, not a bad start back to our term. We'll have quite a bit more happening next week with the adding in of Language Arts, but the kids have filled out their planners & set their goals! We're ready for it! 

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