Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2014 Homeschool Journal

The boys weren't the only ones to get a new planner, I made myself one as well. Yes, I did just make one at the start of the year, & yes I was using it, but... 

With the starting of a whole new 36 week theme there were just some needs to fresh a few things up & this was one of those things. When I use a Winter Promise theme I tend to use them exactly as written perhaps adding in an extra book here or there. Thus I didn't really need a detailed planner to schedule things out, that work is all ready done for me. If I want to add in a book I can easily just do that in the empty space in my guide. In fact I've done just that for Our Island Story that we added in. Easy peasy.

Instead, I wanted something to keep track of the other things we do. From crafts & activities to our beach walks. Just a general journal type record. I shared a free one a few years back & another one that I sell as well. Thing is, I really loved the stripes & dots in my new planner & wasn't quite ready to see them go yet. So, I opted to fix up a journal with the same theme as the new planner

The journal was pretty quick to put together as I took pages from the planner for it & then made a few others that I would need. It's undated which means I'll just print it out again & again as needed. However, I did make 12 months worth {4 weeks per month} with different quotes & verses across the bottoms of the page. I really loved seeing some of my favourite verses & quotes in my planner so it was something I wanted to include in the planner as well.

I made a 2 page calendar page, I didn't make calendar pages for the planner, remember? I just printed out some free ones that worked, but I really missed the big squares to figure out what we had going on each month. These are intentionally undated so that I won't need to redo them each year. The stickers are not something I made but found online for free. I keep them in my sticker pouch, which I'll have to share at another time. I'm actually thinking, though, that I may at some point make up some stickers as I would have enjoyed a few different ones.

Sadly, I couldn't find a single picture of the family together, but then again someone has to hold he camera, right?! The pictures I used for my boys are so fitting of each of them. Again, these pages didn't really change, all though I did edit the student page. I felt that it would be more fun to see how their interests change verse more traditional school"y" stuff.

I kept my beloved Australian Nature calendar, & it's no joke that this is a great month for checking out low tides. If you've never explored a beach in the winter when the first tide is out you're really missing out. Maybe it's just our beach, but we find more treasures when the first tide is out then the second. I did slip a notes page next to this so I could sketch out rough plans if I wanted.. Not a huge change.

I kept my prayer page, but slipped it in at the start of each week instead of just the start of each month. I like it better this way & can easily add to it as prayer requests come in or are answered.  I include verses as well in some of the other slots, but this page is exactly the same as the one in the 2014 Planner, I've just added it in my journal more often.

Each week then has another 5 pages. This is where I record down things that we do. I broke squares down by subjects so based on what we did might depend on where I jot it down. If the kids did research on the computer I'll jot it down, programming?  That too. Things like Bible Study where we do the same study all week just get written down as 2 Tim Bible Study M-F or something. Pretty simple.

Each of the pages for the week has different subjects written on it. I figure there are going to be weeks where less is filled in then others, such as our first week back where we concentrated on our history theme & maths. There was still a bit to write on other areas, but not everything was filled in. No biggie.

We tend to read or listen to a lot of books so I created a square for each type of book. Sometimes we listen to a specific number of chapters so when that's the case I may write something like: Our Island Story Chpt 1-4. But in situations where are just listening away it might look more like: 60 minutes Maude March. Whatever works.

The final page of subjects is pretty much electives with our outings, sports, art, & music. I know that art & music are not considered electives in some homes & while we do encourage it there are some necessities in life that must come first. Either way, it's just a place for us to record art projects, music lessons, etc.

The final page of our week is like a wrap-up page. I can use it to jot down accomplishments, problems, or supplies we may need. I've used it for all of the above before. I tend to like a lot of space in my notebooks for jotting things down, so it was a no brainer to include one for each week!

I simply repurposed my tab dividers from last year as well as the spine. It was just the quickest solution for me, & really it made sense too. This planner, for me, starts with August simply because I assembled it & started using it well, last week. So it runs August 2014 through July 2015. However, because it's undated I can easily make it work in whatever way I want. 

I don't have photos of it, but I kept the book list pages too, there's one of those at the start of each month to jot down books each of us are reading as well as our school books. I wanted it to be a monthly list based on it being a journal & seeing what each person was up to in any given month.

I also included some extra note pages at the back of the book, I told you I love having a lot of space to jot things down in! There is also a 2014 & 2015 Year At A Glance page as well as a curriculum page for each year. I also repurposed my planning page for helping me sort out when our school years will start & stop. I'm really happy with how it all turned out!! 

I don't have this one uploaded yet either. I discovered a small snafu while printing it that I need to work out & I thought I might delete the subject headings so people could write in their own. When I get it all cleaned up I'll get it uploaded. 


Jen's Busy Days said...


I would love to see this when you have changed it. I probably wouldn't want the headings in the boxes because my family's interests and focuses could be different to yours. This coming year I will be planning a week at a time in each subject and having my planner open to a subject page full of the week's work for all 4 of my children. The layout you have created here for journalling could work really well for my broader plans.

I have made my own planners in the past and while mine was a household one that didn't get used as much as I would have liked I was able to see that there was a pattern and reason to the gaps. It really helped me figure out some mental and physical health issues that I have been working on since. Anyway, what I was trying to say is that I appreciate how nice it is to have a bound planner that suits you and gives you some inspiration with its prettiness.

Jen in NSW

Jen's Busy Days said...

Gee, bit disjointed wasn't it? Sorry for that... interruptions and all that!

So with a planner for next year I meant to say that each day I will work through each subject page doing as much as we can of the week's work and hopefully getting it all done. But one page to a view at a time. Ack, is this making any sense?

And I was wanted to say that your planners are very pretty and inspiring.

Nancy Ann said...

Amazing Planner again!! I love the stripes as well. I am still deciding how to deal with a planner for this year.