Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Word Games

A few weeks ago the kids dug out Scrabble from the game closet, only it was the Jr. version. I suggested they get the real deal out, only to discover our real deal version was in the states in storage. The guys made a weekend out of playing the Jr version which was fun to watch, except when someone would squeal tiles had been knocked askew.

Mr S said they needed a magnet version & I said what they really needed was the fancy version my grandfather use to own. It was a huge board, or at least I was small enough to remember it as huge, & it was on a lazy susan allowing it to swivel for each person to see the board in any direction they wanted. On top of that the tiles fit into raised plastic ledges making them less likely to be knocked askew.

The only problem with for Scrabble Deluxe, which is that version, is that it costs well over a hundred dollars in our neck of the woods. Now I'm all for scrabble, but considering Mr S runs a website that plays a game similar & we could all play for free I was a little hard put to purchase the other, more attractive & non-digital version for such a great sum of money.

In my searching however I found other versions that had some of the same features for considerably less. The one I went with also had a the word Deluxe in it, all though I think it's fairly cheaply made. The little raised black dots all over the board keep your tiles in place & there's small wheels on the bottom permitting you to turn the board easily on a hard surface. The game board itself, the tiny wheels, & the small plastic playing pieces all feel cheap, but considering it only cost me a fraction of the price the big fancy set cost I don't really mind.

We pulled it out the weekend it arrived & had a game over breakfast. I prefer scrabble over breakfast instead of Chess, because those of us not playing chess are so keen to give unwanted advice. And it really is unwanted for the two great thinkers who know well in advanced what moves they are going to make. The other Grandpa would be proud of those kinda Chess skills, but I digress..

I opened up with a simplistic word & Mr S was going to slam down a bunch of little 2 letter words. I declared that unacceptable, now my in-laws will be shocked & amazed to hear me say that, because the kids were playing & they were going to get frustrated with that kinda play pretty quickly. Then, wouldn't you know the boys broke out with 2 letter words racking up a huge score & then I opted to slap down a nice 7 letter word on the board to jump to the lead. Poor Mr S sat there with his mouth hanging open & finally said, "Be gentle she said, play simple words. Don't go too hard on the kids, she said. That's it, watch out now!" Sadly, he still lost the game, but not before we all laughed hard enough to test the theory of those little black dots keeping the tiles in place.

They didn't move, if you're wondering. The dots or the tiles, just to clarify. Mr S is still waiting for a rematch, but with our busy schedule we haven't had the time to take him up on that offer! Sad, but true I'm afraid.

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