Saturday, June 28, 2014

Shark Egg

With the saw flies taking their winter sleep &, of course, being considerably closer to the ocean again we've taken advantage of beach walks while the dog runs himself silly. The winter time is a fantastic time to go beach combing looking for all sorts of interesting things that can wash ashore. From sea life to rubbish we've seen just about everything. We've found penguins, seals, whales, & toilet seats upon the beach. We've even waded through seaweed waist high, which always freaks me out, after all I prefer to see what I'm wading through! 

One of our walks last week revealed a lot of interesting tidbits from dead sharks to sea glass. Our most interesting find, however was the item in the picture above. Upon first finding it we wondered if it was a baby skate. We've had plenty of stingrays on our beach, alive & dead, as well as their eggs before. So we stopped to examine what we found, Jayden, convinced it was a fish decided to chuck it back in the ocean, all though thankfully I snapped a few photos first.

Upon getting home we decided to check out what we'd found, & believe it or not it was a shark egg. We've found a few of those before & it never occurred to us that various eggs would have different shapes. The one above belongs to an elephant or ghost shark apparently.Which left us wishing we'd had a closer look at it before Jayde had opted to chuck it back in the water. Funny thing is, every time something on the beach puzzles us it ends up being the egg of a sea creature. After our latest research what we'd really like to spot now is a horn shark egg, I think we'd have to be extra observant though because it looks like 97% of the seaweed that washes ashore!


Allie said...

What a cool find!! We tend to find golf balls, old rusty sinks and clams on our beach.

reader19 said...

Thanks for sharing that picture! So cool!!!!!! Love it!