Sunday, June 1, 2014

Science Woes & Plans

This is what my desk looked like for the past couple of weeks as I worked on some science plans for my gang. We've been struggling with science since wrapping up a course we really loved a year or two ago. It's hard, isn't it, when you find something you love & then realise there is no more? That's pretty much where we are, at the end of a road that needed crossing.

The problem was knowing which way to go. While we own & have used a few of the Exploring Creation with.. science books, but I just don't like their constant pushing of the YE vs OE status. On top of that, while I don't mind a Christian perspective when it comes to science, I don't want the book lacking in science in order to make room for religion.

I know that sounds really awful. I have my own pangs of guilt over it, but truthfully I don't agree with the perspective put forth in the Apologia science books, which negates all guilt & has left me searching endlessly for something that will fill the need we have.

We even tried out the older versions with General Science this year, & while it doesn't have the same manifesto in regards to pushing forth the authors religious agenda I still wasn't entirely happy with the book. My child didn't mind it & could easily keep up with the workload, but when I'm uneasy about something I prefer to use the "when in doubt go without" idea until I can decide firmly on the product, curriculum, situation, etc.

This is initially what sent me investigating science curriculum which led me to Noeo Science. A Christian company who chooses to use a variety of books to teach with, books with a neutral or earthly view of the worlds existence presuming you, the parent, will add in the Christian perspective.

The only downer to it was that I accidentally ordered one child Chemistry & the other Physics while ordering all the physics books from Book Depository. Talk about a crazy dilemma! I debated "fixing" the problem by simply reordering the Noeo Physics I'd messed up on, but international shipping isn't cheap. Mr S argued that it wouldn't go to waste, which I agreed with, but at the same time I really didn't want to spend the money!

So I scanned my shelves & computer to look at what I had that would permit me to come up with something that both kids can use at the same time which will be right on their levels. I'm pretty certain what I've come up with will do exactly that & will permit us to get the best of a variety of things while making the most of resources we have within our home.

I'm not keen, mostly because science is so not my thing, on making our own plans for the remainder of the year, but honestly I'm not making my own plans as much as rearranging what we have in order to make it work for us. That is something I can handle!

We'll see how it goes & reevaluate at the end of the year. We've all ready got plans in action for then too, yeah I tend to plan pretty far in advance, what can I say..

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