Monday, June 2, 2014

Science: Simple Machines

Video Link on QuieTube

To get things rolling around here again with our science we're working on Simple Machines as a kick-off to our year of physics. Yes, I know we're a bit late in the year to be "kicking it off" but such is the way of life sometimes. 

Back in the summer we started a 7 week study via WinterPromise/Spirited Autumn Hope with Simple Machines. We haven't quite wrapped that up, so I pulled out a few other resources we have on hand to go with it & we'll spend the next 2 weeks working on Simple Machines. Some of the starter info was pretty much review today, but that's a great way to build off of simplistic ideas so we can beef them up a bit.

There's enough of an age gap with my kids for one to still be at that simplistic idea phase where the other is most certainly capable of understanding beefier ideas. With that in mind we work from one book together & then they are each welcome to listen in on the other child's book to glean more, but it's not a requirement.

We regroup at some point in the day for notebooking pages, experiments if there are any, & a video tie-in if I have one of those. I've gotten pretty good at locating videos for the majority of the science for the next two weeks. I have one who needs to hear certain things repetitively to help them sink in, while the other enjoys seeing what we've learned in action.

While making my plans & schedules for our time with Simple Machines I flagged a few videos, one of which I shared above. It's rather cheesy, & full of giggles for the olders & adults. There's points in the video where a news reporter pops up & it's a great time, if you want, to pause the video to discuss the information shared & decide for yourself what you think might be happening in the core.

The video does an amazing job explaining mechanical advantage as well as force which made the cheesiness of it totally worthwhile. There's even a song & dance routine, all though you'll have to listen closely to catch all of the words in the song. All in all it helped tie our lesson together today!

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