Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Edible Roman Road

With our studies of Rome we learned about Roman Roads & how they were built. The activity, however, in Explore Rome! was simply to see if you could walk from your bedroom to the kitchen in a straight line. This is how roads were built in Ancient Rome, in the most direct manner possible. Unfortunately for Morgan, we're not really keen on knocking out the wall in the bathroom so he can maintain a straight line, so he was going to have to take at least one turn in order to make that trip. However, in my searches I stumbled upon plans for making an Ancient Roman Rome that one could eat.

There are a few variations on how to accomplish this, but we went with the main idea located here. We had to make a few adaptions to accommodate food issues in order to make it dairy & gluten free:

For the base layer of crumbs we used the Leda Arrowroot Biscuits.

We made our own chocolate pudding from scratch, this is the recipe I use as the guys all go nutters with it. I opt out of the curry powder, swap corn for arrowroot if I'm out of the later, & don't use the toasted coconut. We use the Whittakers 75% dark chocolate which is dairy & gluten free, but also very dark. It's the only way my milk chocolate eaters will consume it.

For the chocolate chips in the pudding we chopped up additional Whittaker Chocolate & just mixed it through once the pudding/custard was cool enough not to melt it through.

Cream Cheese was out & I had a couple of recipes for making your own that I was keen to try. I went with this particular version this time around. It was so-so. We'll try again adjusting a few things, but it worked in this recipe, all though Jayde hated it. Having said that, he's never liked cream cheese & despised cheesecake when he could eat it. Until I find chickpea miso I can't actually try the other recipe I've had flagged for ages. I will say that because I was worried about the tartness of this "cheese" I added a little cocoa powder & extra sweetener to it. It was better the second day vs the first.

We opted out, totally, of the whipped cream. I'd love to try the shelf stable version, Healthy Top, I've seen that uses almond milk & coconut cream, but the only shop in Australia that was selling it was sold out & now no longer carries it. Yes, I know you can scrape the top layer of cream off a tin of coconut cream to make it that way, but I'd still like to try the other version.

For the tea biscuits on top we used a gluten free version, which I apparently failed to read the label on because after Morgan put them on top I was looking at the box & saw that they had milk in them. I snapped a quick photo & flicked them all off, much to Morgan's horror. Then I promptly spat the piece in my mouth out, which managed to horrify both kids, & Mr S joined their horror when I started gulping water directly from the tap & spitting that out too.

Seriously, despite all our changes it was not that difficult or time consuming to make. It was more a matter of keeping the kids out of the arrow root biscuits long enough to get the custard & cream cheese mixture made!

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Phyllis said...

Thank you for the mention. I have some gluten and casein free kids, too but I never attempted to do this activity with them. You did really well with your substitutions. I know how hard it can be. At least they are making more substitutions these days!