Thursday, June 19, 2014

Archimedes Screw

Our scientist of the month {or term} is Archimedes which fits in nicely not only with our study on physics & brief revisit of Simple Machines, but also works well with our historical studies of Ancient times. In fact, Archimedes name has popped up so much this year that when we were strolling through one of those annoying cheap shops the boys spotted a little water screw kit & were pretty keen about it. Knowing we had a biography coming up that we'd read I indulged them for the meagre $5 price sticker.

Earlier this week I handed the kit to Morgan to put together while he caught up on an audio book he was indulging in. He was happy to oblige & worked away while he listened. It also left me with a little one-on-one time with Jayde to work on a few things he & I needed to do. Our time was pretty nifty too because when we reappeared from the depths of the library Morgan announced he'd just been on his way to get us for the big reveal.

It works pretty well considering the price we paid for it, & when one is done & dries it all up you can pack it back up inside the blue & green pieces which make a nifty hard case. They put it on the dinner table that evening & indulged themselves in a lovely long conversation on a great variety of things we've formerly learned. From the birth of Archimedes all the way down to how the Netherlands used such devices in reverse to clear the water out of their lands. Which left us in great thought over how the Ancient Egyptians might have been truly astounded to think of so much water everywhere that one would want to channel it away from the land!

I snapped a video of the crazy screw in action. Enjoy. And yes, it really is quite loud, so I was really grateful when Jayde switched it off during dinner for our crazy conversation. All though it was hard to resist not flipping it back on again every now & then. We did have to suggest he not force the switch the other way because it would not cause the screw to run the other way.

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Allie said...

This looks like fun! We've enjoyed playing with the one at the Pacific Science Center (Seattle) when we've gone there.