Monday, June 2, 2014

Ancient Rome: Aquaduct

Exploring Ancient Rome is a lovely book used in the Winter Promise Quest For Ancients & it doesn't fail on information & projects. We started it last week, yes during that crazy short week & read about running water & sewer systems in Ancient Roman times. Each chapter ends with several project to choose from, or do them all, depends on what you want.

I had a child wandering around stating he wasn't quite sure what to do when I handed him the book & reminded him he was going to do a project from Chapter 1. He was eager to look at the instructions & get to work with it. He managed the whole thing on his own aside from the trimming the box. I can only presume that shoe boxes here in Australia are also different sized then they the ones used in the book so we altered the measurement for cutting a little bit & went with it.

He had a grand time building it & then testing it out both as you can see above & then in the sink. He wanted to see if the one he made could hold up to constant running water as the one we'd read about in the book could. It did!


Jen's Busy Days said...

Kendra,I have seen some great notebooking pages in Winter Promise but want use Sonlight World History as my spine next year with SOTW which I already have audios of. Are the notebook pages compatible with Sonlight or only really work with WP? One child at least of the three doing it would love them.

Jen in NSW

Kendra said...

We use WP Nbing pages & SL reading it works for us! :)