Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 16

I seem to be behind in keeping up with what we're accomplishing in our schooling each week. This post is actually from last week, just to avoid any confusion here!

Last week was yet another busy week in our schooling. Term 2 seems to be running away before us as we chase after it. It can make for some rather long & full days.

That's my pile of stuff that I tend to cart around during a day in order to get everything done. Yes, I really do tend to have a bottle of lotion on me all the time. I have incredibly dry skin & there's only one lotion I can use without issue, which means I tend to stock pile the stuff & freak out when I'm running low.

Morgan advanced yet another lesson in maths. His problems are multistep problems these days & when Jayde complains about his simplistic worksheets Morgan gives him a blow by blow analyst of what he's doing which tends to quiet the complaining. He's down to 3 more lessons before he moves into the new book!

Jayde worked on a new lesson as well. I'm tempted to fast track him a bit through his book, but I'm torn on that right now so we're taking it slowly. Both boys know their multiplication facts really well so it makes simple division pretty easy for them, but at the same time I don't want to fast track him too quickly. We'll keep on keeping on & see what we do in a few weeks.

Jayde nearly wrapped up his book. While the story itself is simplistic enough for him to read we were working on duration. It's funny, isn't it, when they get a book out of the library how much they can happily read compared to when you ask them to read a few chapters of the book assigned. He really did enjoy the story though as it was totally up his alley. Poor Monkey looks a little upside down there, but I'm sure he was listening intently.

No picture for it, but Morgan was reading away to me. He's had a bad few weeks with his vision again, no idea if hormones are playing a part or the darkening skies with winter rolling in. It's been a balancing act for me to guide him without over pushing him. He's doing well despite the issues & his progress is still visible, just more so on some days then others. He started a new book this week, which he seems to be enjoying.

Jayden & I read about Balboa & Columbus this past week & enjoyed an indepth look at Columbus' boat. We're making progress in our span of time as we march steadily forward. We really love the book Ships, it's a shame it's out of print! He's also enjoying listening to Story Of The World on his own each day.

Morgan & I are still steadily moving forward learning about Caesar August's World. The book tells you not only about August, but also about many people & things that were happening in that time so it's been an eye opening look at life during that time frame! We had a halt with his Mystery Of History because I purchased the MP3 downloads & needed to get the second lot, which someone conveniently forgot to remind me about.

Looking For Marco Polo is still being read here as Jayden's read aloud. Morgan sits on tendril hooks not wanting to be left out of that book either. It's a fictional retelling of Marco's travels, but we've really really enjoyed it. In fact I think we've enjoyed it more the second time through then we did the first time, or perhaps we just didn't remember as much as we thought we had from our first reading? Either way, a well loved book here.

Mystery Of The Roman Ransom is Morgan's read aloud. Oh my, those Roman names are going to be my undoing this year! Which is only because I barely survived the Greek & Egyptian names. Jayden once told me that when he can't pronounce a really hard name he just calls them Charlie, so close to that! Seriously though, we are enjoying the book! It's not a murder mystery persay like the last read aloud, but rather a mystery about someone in the Roman Senate who is suppose to be assassinated. The young boys in the story intercept, much by accident, the information & try to stop a chain reaction of events.

Archimedes is our current scientist & the boys delighted in the little screw that Morgan put together for us. There are a few variations for making this with products around the home, but as we had the kit I pulled it out. We're not quite as far along in this book as I'd really like to be, but that's okay.

There was a bit of grammar, spelling, & handwriting all thrown in there as well. We were so busy doing this week I really didn't stop to snap photos like I'd normally do. We also had an outing to a local park, in the rain, & a Lego Club {first ever} meeting. The boys especially loved the later, which goes without saying, right?

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