Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 15

It seems we are in a small rut with slower weeks around here, but this week it was thanks to a public holiday & a birthday! For some reason I thought the public holiday was this coming week, which might have something to do with the fact that our main calendar only had US holidays listed on it. Not sure what's up with that when it was sold here in Australia! Mind you, I also had my child's birthday pegged to the wrong day too. Talk about nutty!

We managed to limp along this week as it was pretty hard to rope a very excited young man into lessons when he was on daily, & eventually hourly, countdowns for his birthday. All though I confess to an ongoing math lesson over the whole thing. That lovely new white board of ours is hanging in the kitchen & when I spotted a countdown happening on the thing I opted to turn it into a mathematical equation. Someone tried to get around it by erasing my equation & simply filling in numbers, so I hid the markers & eraser until the problem was solved. The problem is he who solved the problem decided to hide the eraser & markers & can't remember where he hid the eraser!!

I did manage to get the birthday boy to do some of his lovely Winter Promise theme wrapping up the week & a half we had on the table, rather literally according to the photo above! We learned about Sir Henry who, as it turns out, never actually went sailing. How did we not know that before this lesson?! We read about Prince Henry in Around The World In 100 Years as well. Jayden doesn't remember this book from when we read it prior, but Morgan does & we've caught him lurking around corners or just plopping down to join us for the daily readings.

Despite the holiday Morgan I finally finished up that Roman Road we were working on. {I'll share details about it later.} It was rather simple, but with our allergies & issues it took a bit more effort to slap together. Jayde wasn't keen on the layer just below those tea biscuits, but Morgan enjoyed all of it.

Holiday or not the kids had swim lessons too. At the local pool swim lessons happen regardless, unless the pool itself is closed. Due to our day & time we've yet to have that happen to us, all though we've opted to take time off when we needed it. Both boys are doing well, all though they each have their own things they need to work on to continue to progress forward. Morgan's hit a few road blocks the last couple of weeks, but his coach is really amazing & has gone above & beyond getting it all sorted out.

Morgan continued onward with the Bronze Bow, all though he didn't get in as many chapters as we were aiming for. Pretty sure he's only a few chapters off from being at a point where it's really hard to put this particular book down. We did not, despite the picture above, accomplish MOH this week. 

Morgan & I wrapped up The Ides Of April this week, & despite the difficult names the book was really enjoyable. I'll pre-warn, for those who may oppose, that the book is about a murder that is committed & because of that the slaves of the home are going to be executed for it. The book isn't truly focused on the death, but on saving the lives of those who are wrongfully accused. We moved forward with Kings & Carpenters & are nearing the end of that book. Morgan announced he'd like to obtain the rest of the series because he's enjoying it so much.

Thursday Jayden turned 11, we're still wondering where the past 10 years went to! He was delighted to find the white board had been set to rights & to see a few packages awaiting his opening. Mind you, Morgan purchased him a few minifigs which took him ages to open because Morgan wrapped each individual piece of those crazy little things! We had friends over for cupcakes in the afternoon as we opted not to go on the outing with our local home ed group. Jayden was totally delighted to not only have "proper cupcakes" but friends over too!

Friday I had a horrible migraine, mostly brought on by my own stressing out, so that afternoon I told the kids we were going up the coast. I took them to a tiny little fish & chip shop to get them a few hot chips to eat before we walked up a stretch of beach we've never been up before. We had a grand time walking along & then realising some of the sand was softer then it appeared & sinking up to our knees. On the way home there was some excess pent up energy because a few more gifts had arrived in the mail, so I suggested a game of "On My Way To Grandma's House" which suited us well enough I was able to take the more scenic route. We made it to letter N or O before we arrived home & no one could remember which letter we left off on.

We also tackled some science earlier this week nearly wrapping up our Simple Machines study. Yep, that same one we started in the summer but was put on hold for a few things. The kit above isn't scheduled, required, or used with this science Theme. However we're mixing & matching a few things for Science & as we had this kit I pulled it out & had Morgan work on the Pulley experiment.

Jayden had a Knex kit that was suppose to be good for Simple Machines. I'm not totally sold on that idea, but he was keen to break into it & make something from the booklet. So he did. We also watched a few videos which I'll link up in another post later on. The boys were really keen on them. 

Each child also worked on a bit of math this week. I didn't bother to have Jayden move forward in his book because he needed the review with perpendicular & parallel. He can look at the lines in the math & recognise what they are, but he was struggling with the real life application. Needless to say while driving along one day this week I started being that annoying Mum who turns the trip into an educational outing. I started saying how this lane or that sign was either perpendicular or parallel. I honestly expected him to ignore me or ask me to stop, but instead he says, "You know, I've been thinking & I realised that the pause button on all remotes is always 2 parallel lines." Ahh, yes, well not exactly the real life application I'd hoped for, but at least he was thinking!

Morgan moved forward into lesson 25 out of the 30 in his book. I think I might be more excited about the fact that he should be able to reach that goal of finishing it by July then he is, but then again I think he's just up to his eyeballs in all sorts of algebraic equations he doesn't honestly have the time to think about how close he is to the end of the book. He's really does want to get into the next book & wrap that one up by summer's end so he can start the true Algebra books come next year. We'll see how it all unfolds.

All in all, not a bad week considering in the grand scheme of things it seemed considerably shorter & smaller then it seems to look once I write it all out.

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it all looks very familiar! we are using many of the same books. I enjoy seeing what books youve been using and how the boys like them.