Saturday, June 7, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 14

A much fuller week this week with everyone being healthy, Mr S back to work, & our scheduled returning to normal. Always makes for a better school week.

Yes, that's the table designated for school work, & yes it does look like that at the end/start of each day. Only, however, because I tidy up the school room of each day. I can't think straight when books are all over, that & I'm hoarding the last 2 pencils until our new package arrives. Yep, I'm that kinda desperate.

Seriously though, the boys generally find their planners at their places on the table, pencil boxes, & the book they are currently reading to me. Morgan's Bible was out when I was tidying up & I wasn't sure where he was currently stashing it & knowing he'd need it in the am I just left it at his place on the table. It helps eliminate the whole, "MOOOOOOOOM, where's my.." This, my friends, is why I paid to have his spare glasses fixed & keep them in my super special secret location.

We filled in more places along the way this week. All though I think we missed a few as Jayden read about so many locations this week as we read through his readings for Sea & Sky. No need to fuss about every single one, especially since he'll often sit with a globe in his lap to look for places as I read. We do try to mark each place we hear in the news or read about in our Current Event articles.

Swim lessons are still in full swing here, with our new location we don't actually get breaks between terms. We've also moved our start time a half hour later in the day which works better for us to accomplish a wee bit more before we go. While I had a chat with the boys swim-coach this week the boys had a grand time diving for rings with a friend. We hit the pool for practice a few times as well, but I warn you {if you're local} that hitting the pool before 3 is essential or not bothering again until 7 M-Th. Friday seems to be okay to hit it earlier then 7 as there's no swim squad meets.

Jayden wrapped up The Middle Ages & started in on The Renaissance period with his school this week. While we generally only work on one week at a time, it was nice to boost ourselves ahead after our long linger with Vikings.

Quite a few pages for his notebook with Middle Ages which were fun. He especially enjoyed the page he's working on in the above picture which had to do with drawing. No, he wasn't working through lunch he opted to cook himself some pasta in broth for morning tea.

This was one of our favourite pages this week. Each of the pictures above lifts up for more information under them. Jayden loved the information learned on this page & was super keen for a page to remember it all with. Each of the picture items above was printed on sticker paper so I folded back just enough sticker paper to cut off & then he pressed it down over the box to create the flap without covering up the words.

Jayden & I read all of the above books this week as well as Ships. Ships is scheduled in the older Sea & Sky, but as the book is out of print it's not scheduled in the newer version. It's a complete shame the book is out of print because it's really lovely. The top book is the one we've added in as a read aloud & we're enjoying it thus far. He was a little wary of it at first, but the other evening as I laid it down he was eager to know what would happen next. No picture of it, apparently, but he's still listening to SOTW Vol. 1, he's really loving it. I turned it on for him earlier this week & heard a huge gasp, thinking something had broken I went out to ask if all was well & was given a long chat about how long mummifying processes took. He's really only listening for the fun of it as he's getting plenty with Sea & Sky, however he is using timeline pieces to put up on the wall to go along with the book. He's pretty proud of those.

Morgan is still in Ancient Rome & covered the fall of Israel amongst other topics this week. He enjoyed working on a notebooking page from WP's Quest for Ancients that involved looking up Bible verses & figuring out what word was needed, at the end you take one letter from each word to make up a sentence.

He worked on some other things based on readings this week as well. The top booklet on Homer came from Homeschool Share's Greek Lapbook. The Jonah & Found of Rome pieces came from Dynamic 2 Mom's, & the Olympic Prizes piece came from an Olympic lapbook we picked up ages ago. He simply takes notes while he's listening to MOH & then records the pertinent information in the booklets.

This was actually his second hearing about the Ancient Olympics as we read it about it earlier this year in CHOW as well, but this time we recorded a little bit, snippets & facts really.

Morgan & I worked with these books this week. The Augustus Caesar's World is scheduled pretty quickly through Sonlight's Core W, I think next time through with Jayden we may slow the pace down just a smidge. It's a lovely lovely book & we're really enjoying it. There's some amazing pages inside that, if copied & coloured in would be beautiful for his timeline. The top book is our current read aloud & while the story is fantastic reading those Roman names is another story!

Morgan works with these books on his own. He's still working at the pace of 3 lessons a day with MOH. The Bronze Bow is scheduled with 2 chapters per day, some days he manages it some days he doesn't. I think he's currently behind a little bit, but it all evens out in the end. He's really enjoying the story, which I suspected he would when I preread it myself earlier this year.

Jayde is still reading his Pony Express book to me, he's pretty sure he knows what's gonna happen so now it's a matter of seeing if he's right. The book is up his alley in regards to content, but it is below his reading level. Again, not worried about it for a variety of reasons. We're working through a set of books with a specific schedule in order to build up his endurance & to get him to stop skipping difficult words. 

Morgan is reading Ralph S. Mouse to me & he's truly not enjoying the book at all. I'm not entirely surprised as it's certainly more of a Jayde story then a Morgan story. Mr S is disappointed because he, personally, loves Ralph. I suggested Morgan leave it & move on to the next book we have scheduled, but he's determined to see this one through a little farther to see if it picks up it's pace any. It's more of a feel-good type story & less of an action filled page turner type book, which is what he prefers.

We also hung out at the park this week with friends from our homeschool group & I apparently have no pictures of the science we did this week either which is a bit weird. I'll have to check & see if I've simply overlooked them & update if I find them.

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