Saturday, June 28, 2014

Shark Egg

With the saw flies taking their winter sleep &, of course, being considerably closer to the ocean again we've taken advantage of beach walks while the dog runs himself silly. The winter time is a fantastic time to go beach combing looking for all sorts of interesting things that can wash ashore. From sea life to rubbish we've seen just about everything. We've found penguins, seals, whales, & toilet seats upon the beach. We've even waded through seaweed waist high, which always freaks me out, after all I prefer to see what I'm wading through! 

One of our walks last week revealed a lot of interesting tidbits from dead sharks to sea glass. Our most interesting find, however was the item in the picture above. Upon first finding it we wondered if it was a baby skate. We've had plenty of stingrays on our beach, alive & dead, as well as their eggs before. So we stopped to examine what we found, Jayden, convinced it was a fish decided to chuck it back in the ocean, all though thankfully I snapped a few photos first.

Upon getting home we decided to check out what we'd found, & believe it or not it was a shark egg. We've found a few of those before & it never occurred to us that various eggs would have different shapes. The one above belongs to an elephant or ghost shark apparently.Which left us wishing we'd had a closer look at it before Jayde had opted to chuck it back in the water. Funny thing is, every time something on the beach puzzles us it ends up being the egg of a sea creature. After our latest research what we'd really like to spot now is a horn shark egg, I think we'd have to be extra observant though because it looks like 97% of the seaweed that washes ashore!

Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 16

I seem to be behind in keeping up with what we're accomplishing in our schooling each week. This post is actually from last week, just to avoid any confusion here!

Last week was yet another busy week in our schooling. Term 2 seems to be running away before us as we chase after it. It can make for some rather long & full days.

That's my pile of stuff that I tend to cart around during a day in order to get everything done. Yes, I really do tend to have a bottle of lotion on me all the time. I have incredibly dry skin & there's only one lotion I can use without issue, which means I tend to stock pile the stuff & freak out when I'm running low.

Morgan advanced yet another lesson in maths. His problems are multistep problems these days & when Jayde complains about his simplistic worksheets Morgan gives him a blow by blow analyst of what he's doing which tends to quiet the complaining. He's down to 3 more lessons before he moves into the new book!

Jayde worked on a new lesson as well. I'm tempted to fast track him a bit through his book, but I'm torn on that right now so we're taking it slowly. Both boys know their multiplication facts really well so it makes simple division pretty easy for them, but at the same time I don't want to fast track him too quickly. We'll keep on keeping on & see what we do in a few weeks.

Jayde nearly wrapped up his book. While the story itself is simplistic enough for him to read we were working on duration. It's funny, isn't it, when they get a book out of the library how much they can happily read compared to when you ask them to read a few chapters of the book assigned. He really did enjoy the story though as it was totally up his alley. Poor Monkey looks a little upside down there, but I'm sure he was listening intently.

No picture for it, but Morgan was reading away to me. He's had a bad few weeks with his vision again, no idea if hormones are playing a part or the darkening skies with winter rolling in. It's been a balancing act for me to guide him without over pushing him. He's doing well despite the issues & his progress is still visible, just more so on some days then others. He started a new book this week, which he seems to be enjoying.

Jayden & I read about Balboa & Columbus this past week & enjoyed an indepth look at Columbus' boat. We're making progress in our span of time as we march steadily forward. We really love the book Ships, it's a shame it's out of print! He's also enjoying listening to Story Of The World on his own each day.

Morgan & I are still steadily moving forward learning about Caesar August's World. The book tells you not only about August, but also about many people & things that were happening in that time so it's been an eye opening look at life during that time frame! We had a halt with his Mystery Of History because I purchased the MP3 downloads & needed to get the second lot, which someone conveniently forgot to remind me about.

Looking For Marco Polo is still being read here as Jayden's read aloud. Morgan sits on tendril hooks not wanting to be left out of that book either. It's a fictional retelling of Marco's travels, but we've really really enjoyed it. In fact I think we've enjoyed it more the second time through then we did the first time, or perhaps we just didn't remember as much as we thought we had from our first reading? Either way, a well loved book here.

Mystery Of The Roman Ransom is Morgan's read aloud. Oh my, those Roman names are going to be my undoing this year! Which is only because I barely survived the Greek & Egyptian names. Jayden once told me that when he can't pronounce a really hard name he just calls them Charlie, so close to that! Seriously though, we are enjoying the book! It's not a murder mystery persay like the last read aloud, but rather a mystery about someone in the Roman Senate who is suppose to be assassinated. The young boys in the story intercept, much by accident, the information & try to stop a chain reaction of events.

Archimedes is our current scientist & the boys delighted in the little screw that Morgan put together for us. There are a few variations for making this with products around the home, but as we had the kit I pulled it out. We're not quite as far along in this book as I'd really like to be, but that's okay.

There was a bit of grammar, spelling, & handwriting all thrown in there as well. We were so busy doing this week I really didn't stop to snap photos like I'd normally do. We also had an outing to a local park, in the rain, & a Lego Club {first ever} meeting. The boys especially loved the later, which goes without saying, right?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Archimedes Screw

Our scientist of the month {or term} is Archimedes which fits in nicely not only with our study on physics & brief revisit of Simple Machines, but also works well with our historical studies of Ancient times. In fact, Archimedes name has popped up so much this year that when we were strolling through one of those annoying cheap shops the boys spotted a little water screw kit & were pretty keen about it. Knowing we had a biography coming up that we'd read I indulged them for the meagre $5 price sticker.

Earlier this week I handed the kit to Morgan to put together while he caught up on an audio book he was indulging in. He was happy to oblige & worked away while he listened. It also left me with a little one-on-one time with Jayde to work on a few things he & I needed to do. Our time was pretty nifty too because when we reappeared from the depths of the library Morgan announced he'd just been on his way to get us for the big reveal.

It works pretty well considering the price we paid for it, & when one is done & dries it all up you can pack it back up inside the blue & green pieces which make a nifty hard case. They put it on the dinner table that evening & indulged themselves in a lovely long conversation on a great variety of things we've formerly learned. From the birth of Archimedes all the way down to how the Netherlands used such devices in reverse to clear the water out of their lands. Which left us in great thought over how the Ancient Egyptians might have been truly astounded to think of so much water everywhere that one would want to channel it away from the land!

I snapped a video of the crazy screw in action. Enjoy. And yes, it really is quite loud, so I was really grateful when Jayde switched it off during dinner for our crazy conversation. All though it was hard to resist not flipping it back on again every now & then. We did have to suggest he not force the switch the other way because it would not cause the screw to run the other way.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Edible Roman Road

With our studies of Rome we learned about Roman Roads & how they were built. The activity, however, in Explore Rome! was simply to see if you could walk from your bedroom to the kitchen in a straight line. This is how roads were built in Ancient Rome, in the most direct manner possible. Unfortunately for Morgan, we're not really keen on knocking out the wall in the bathroom so he can maintain a straight line, so he was going to have to take at least one turn in order to make that trip. However, in my searches I stumbled upon plans for making an Ancient Roman Rome that one could eat.

There are a few variations on how to accomplish this, but we went with the main idea located here. We had to make a few adaptions to accommodate food issues in order to make it dairy & gluten free:

For the base layer of crumbs we used the Leda Arrowroot Biscuits.

We made our own chocolate pudding from scratch, this is the recipe I use as the guys all go nutters with it. I opt out of the curry powder, swap corn for arrowroot if I'm out of the later, & don't use the toasted coconut. We use the Whittakers 75% dark chocolate which is dairy & gluten free, but also very dark. It's the only way my milk chocolate eaters will consume it.

For the chocolate chips in the pudding we chopped up additional Whittaker Chocolate & just mixed it through once the pudding/custard was cool enough not to melt it through.

Cream Cheese was out & I had a couple of recipes for making your own that I was keen to try. I went with this particular version this time around. It was so-so. We'll try again adjusting a few things, but it worked in this recipe, all though Jayde hated it. Having said that, he's never liked cream cheese & despised cheesecake when he could eat it. Until I find chickpea miso I can't actually try the other recipe I've had flagged for ages. I will say that because I was worried about the tartness of this "cheese" I added a little cocoa powder & extra sweetener to it. It was better the second day vs the first.

We opted out, totally, of the whipped cream. I'd love to try the shelf stable version, Healthy Top, I've seen that uses almond milk & coconut cream, but the only shop in Australia that was selling it was sold out & now no longer carries it. Yes, I know you can scrape the top layer of cream off a tin of coconut cream to make it that way, but I'd still like to try the other version.

For the tea biscuits on top we used a gluten free version, which I apparently failed to read the label on because after Morgan put them on top I was looking at the box & saw that they had milk in them. I snapped a quick photo & flicked them all off, much to Morgan's horror. Then I promptly spat the piece in my mouth out, which managed to horrify both kids, & Mr S joined their horror when I started gulping water directly from the tap & spitting that out too.

Seriously, despite all our changes it was not that difficult or time consuming to make. It was more a matter of keeping the kids out of the arrow root biscuits long enough to get the custard & cream cheese mixture made!

Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 15

It seems we are in a small rut with slower weeks around here, but this week it was thanks to a public holiday & a birthday! For some reason I thought the public holiday was this coming week, which might have something to do with the fact that our main calendar only had US holidays listed on it. Not sure what's up with that when it was sold here in Australia! Mind you, I also had my child's birthday pegged to the wrong day too. Talk about nutty!

We managed to limp along this week as it was pretty hard to rope a very excited young man into lessons when he was on daily, & eventually hourly, countdowns for his birthday. All though I confess to an ongoing math lesson over the whole thing. That lovely new white board of ours is hanging in the kitchen & when I spotted a countdown happening on the thing I opted to turn it into a mathematical equation. Someone tried to get around it by erasing my equation & simply filling in numbers, so I hid the markers & eraser until the problem was solved. The problem is he who solved the problem decided to hide the eraser & markers & can't remember where he hid the eraser!!

I did manage to get the birthday boy to do some of his lovely Winter Promise theme wrapping up the week & a half we had on the table, rather literally according to the photo above! We learned about Sir Henry who, as it turns out, never actually went sailing. How did we not know that before this lesson?! We read about Prince Henry in Around The World In 100 Years as well. Jayden doesn't remember this book from when we read it prior, but Morgan does & we've caught him lurking around corners or just plopping down to join us for the daily readings.

Despite the holiday Morgan I finally finished up that Roman Road we were working on. {I'll share details about it later.} It was rather simple, but with our allergies & issues it took a bit more effort to slap together. Jayde wasn't keen on the layer just below those tea biscuits, but Morgan enjoyed all of it.

Holiday or not the kids had swim lessons too. At the local pool swim lessons happen regardless, unless the pool itself is closed. Due to our day & time we've yet to have that happen to us, all though we've opted to take time off when we needed it. Both boys are doing well, all though they each have their own things they need to work on to continue to progress forward. Morgan's hit a few road blocks the last couple of weeks, but his coach is really amazing & has gone above & beyond getting it all sorted out.

Morgan continued onward with the Bronze Bow, all though he didn't get in as many chapters as we were aiming for. Pretty sure he's only a few chapters off from being at a point where it's really hard to put this particular book down. We did not, despite the picture above, accomplish MOH this week. 

Morgan & I wrapped up The Ides Of April this week, & despite the difficult names the book was really enjoyable. I'll pre-warn, for those who may oppose, that the book is about a murder that is committed & because of that the slaves of the home are going to be executed for it. The book isn't truly focused on the death, but on saving the lives of those who are wrongfully accused. We moved forward with Kings & Carpenters & are nearing the end of that book. Morgan announced he'd like to obtain the rest of the series because he's enjoying it so much.

Thursday Jayden turned 11, we're still wondering where the past 10 years went to! He was delighted to find the white board had been set to rights & to see a few packages awaiting his opening. Mind you, Morgan purchased him a few minifigs which took him ages to open because Morgan wrapped each individual piece of those crazy little things! We had friends over for cupcakes in the afternoon as we opted not to go on the outing with our local home ed group. Jayden was totally delighted to not only have "proper cupcakes" but friends over too!

Friday I had a horrible migraine, mostly brought on by my own stressing out, so that afternoon I told the kids we were going up the coast. I took them to a tiny little fish & chip shop to get them a few hot chips to eat before we walked up a stretch of beach we've never been up before. We had a grand time walking along & then realising some of the sand was softer then it appeared & sinking up to our knees. On the way home there was some excess pent up energy because a few more gifts had arrived in the mail, so I suggested a game of "On My Way To Grandma's House" which suited us well enough I was able to take the more scenic route. We made it to letter N or O before we arrived home & no one could remember which letter we left off on.

We also tackled some science earlier this week nearly wrapping up our Simple Machines study. Yep, that same one we started in the summer but was put on hold for a few things. The kit above isn't scheduled, required, or used with this science Theme. However we're mixing & matching a few things for Science & as we had this kit I pulled it out & had Morgan work on the Pulley experiment.

Jayden had a Knex kit that was suppose to be good for Simple Machines. I'm not totally sold on that idea, but he was keen to break into it & make something from the booklet. So he did. We also watched a few videos which I'll link up in another post later on. The boys were really keen on them. 

Each child also worked on a bit of math this week. I didn't bother to have Jayden move forward in his book because he needed the review with perpendicular & parallel. He can look at the lines in the math & recognise what they are, but he was struggling with the real life application. Needless to say while driving along one day this week I started being that annoying Mum who turns the trip into an educational outing. I started saying how this lane or that sign was either perpendicular or parallel. I honestly expected him to ignore me or ask me to stop, but instead he says, "You know, I've been thinking & I realised that the pause button on all remotes is always 2 parallel lines." Ahh, yes, well not exactly the real life application I'd hoped for, but at least he was thinking!

Morgan moved forward into lesson 25 out of the 30 in his book. I think I might be more excited about the fact that he should be able to reach that goal of finishing it by July then he is, but then again I think he's just up to his eyeballs in all sorts of algebraic equations he doesn't honestly have the time to think about how close he is to the end of the book. He's really does want to get into the next book & wrap that one up by summer's end so he can start the true Algebra books come next year. We'll see how it all unfolds.

All in all, not a bad week considering in the grand scheme of things it seemed considerably shorter & smaller then it seems to look once I write it all out.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Word Games

A few weeks ago the kids dug out Scrabble from the game closet, only it was the Jr. version. I suggested they get the real deal out, only to discover our real deal version was in the states in storage. The guys made a weekend out of playing the Jr version which was fun to watch, except when someone would squeal tiles had been knocked askew.

Mr S said they needed a magnet version & I said what they really needed was the fancy version my grandfather use to own. It was a huge board, or at least I was small enough to remember it as huge, & it was on a lazy susan allowing it to swivel for each person to see the board in any direction they wanted. On top of that the tiles fit into raised plastic ledges making them less likely to be knocked askew.

The only problem with for Scrabble Deluxe, which is that version, is that it costs well over a hundred dollars in our neck of the woods. Now I'm all for scrabble, but considering Mr S runs a website that plays a game similar & we could all play for free I was a little hard put to purchase the other, more attractive & non-digital version for such a great sum of money.

In my searching however I found other versions that had some of the same features for considerably less. The one I went with also had a the word Deluxe in it, all though I think it's fairly cheaply made. The little raised black dots all over the board keep your tiles in place & there's small wheels on the bottom permitting you to turn the board easily on a hard surface. The game board itself, the tiny wheels, & the small plastic playing pieces all feel cheap, but considering it only cost me a fraction of the price the big fancy set cost I don't really mind.

We pulled it out the weekend it arrived & had a game over breakfast. I prefer scrabble over breakfast instead of Chess, because those of us not playing chess are so keen to give unwanted advice. And it really is unwanted for the two great thinkers who know well in advanced what moves they are going to make. The other Grandpa would be proud of those kinda Chess skills, but I digress..

I opened up with a simplistic word & Mr S was going to slam down a bunch of little 2 letter words. I declared that unacceptable, now my in-laws will be shocked & amazed to hear me say that, because the kids were playing & they were going to get frustrated with that kinda play pretty quickly. Then, wouldn't you know the boys broke out with 2 letter words racking up a huge score & then I opted to slap down a nice 7 letter word on the board to jump to the lead. Poor Mr S sat there with his mouth hanging open & finally said, "Be gentle she said, play simple words. Don't go too hard on the kids, she said. That's it, watch out now!" Sadly, he still lost the game, but not before we all laughed hard enough to test the theory of those little black dots keeping the tiles in place.

They didn't move, if you're wondering. The dots or the tiles, just to clarify. Mr S is still waiting for a rematch, but with our busy schedule we haven't had the time to take him up on that offer! Sad, but true I'm afraid.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

2014 Week In Review: Week 14

A much fuller week this week with everyone being healthy, Mr S back to work, & our scheduled returning to normal. Always makes for a better school week.

Yes, that's the table designated for school work, & yes it does look like that at the end/start of each day. Only, however, because I tidy up the school room of each day. I can't think straight when books are all over, that & I'm hoarding the last 2 pencils until our new package arrives. Yep, I'm that kinda desperate.

Seriously though, the boys generally find their planners at their places on the table, pencil boxes, & the book they are currently reading to me. Morgan's Bible was out when I was tidying up & I wasn't sure where he was currently stashing it & knowing he'd need it in the am I just left it at his place on the table. It helps eliminate the whole, "MOOOOOOOOM, where's my.." This, my friends, is why I paid to have his spare glasses fixed & keep them in my super special secret location.

We filled in more places along the way this week. All though I think we missed a few as Jayden read about so many locations this week as we read through his readings for Sea & Sky. No need to fuss about every single one, especially since he'll often sit with a globe in his lap to look for places as I read. We do try to mark each place we hear in the news or read about in our Current Event articles.

Swim lessons are still in full swing here, with our new location we don't actually get breaks between terms. We've also moved our start time a half hour later in the day which works better for us to accomplish a wee bit more before we go. While I had a chat with the boys swim-coach this week the boys had a grand time diving for rings with a friend. We hit the pool for practice a few times as well, but I warn you {if you're local} that hitting the pool before 3 is essential or not bothering again until 7 M-Th. Friday seems to be okay to hit it earlier then 7 as there's no swim squad meets.

Jayden wrapped up The Middle Ages & started in on The Renaissance period with his school this week. While we generally only work on one week at a time, it was nice to boost ourselves ahead after our long linger with Vikings.

Quite a few pages for his notebook with Middle Ages which were fun. He especially enjoyed the page he's working on in the above picture which had to do with drawing. No, he wasn't working through lunch he opted to cook himself some pasta in broth for morning tea.

This was one of our favourite pages this week. Each of the pictures above lifts up for more information under them. Jayden loved the information learned on this page & was super keen for a page to remember it all with. Each of the picture items above was printed on sticker paper so I folded back just enough sticker paper to cut off & then he pressed it down over the box to create the flap without covering up the words.

Jayden & I read all of the above books this week as well as Ships. Ships is scheduled in the older Sea & Sky, but as the book is out of print it's not scheduled in the newer version. It's a complete shame the book is out of print because it's really lovely. The top book is the one we've added in as a read aloud & we're enjoying it thus far. He was a little wary of it at first, but the other evening as I laid it down he was eager to know what would happen next. No picture of it, apparently, but he's still listening to SOTW Vol. 1, he's really loving it. I turned it on for him earlier this week & heard a huge gasp, thinking something had broken I went out to ask if all was well & was given a long chat about how long mummifying processes took. He's really only listening for the fun of it as he's getting plenty with Sea & Sky, however he is using timeline pieces to put up on the wall to go along with the book. He's pretty proud of those.

Morgan is still in Ancient Rome & covered the fall of Israel amongst other topics this week. He enjoyed working on a notebooking page from WP's Quest for Ancients that involved looking up Bible verses & figuring out what word was needed, at the end you take one letter from each word to make up a sentence.

He worked on some other things based on readings this week as well. The top booklet on Homer came from Homeschool Share's Greek Lapbook. The Jonah & Found of Rome pieces came from Dynamic 2 Mom's, & the Olympic Prizes piece came from an Olympic lapbook we picked up ages ago. He simply takes notes while he's listening to MOH & then records the pertinent information in the booklets.

This was actually his second hearing about the Ancient Olympics as we read it about it earlier this year in CHOW as well, but this time we recorded a little bit, snippets & facts really.

Morgan & I worked with these books this week. The Augustus Caesar's World is scheduled pretty quickly through Sonlight's Core W, I think next time through with Jayden we may slow the pace down just a smidge. It's a lovely lovely book & we're really enjoying it. There's some amazing pages inside that, if copied & coloured in would be beautiful for his timeline. The top book is our current read aloud & while the story is fantastic reading those Roman names is another story!

Morgan works with these books on his own. He's still working at the pace of 3 lessons a day with MOH. The Bronze Bow is scheduled with 2 chapters per day, some days he manages it some days he doesn't. I think he's currently behind a little bit, but it all evens out in the end. He's really enjoying the story, which I suspected he would when I preread it myself earlier this year.

Jayde is still reading his Pony Express book to me, he's pretty sure he knows what's gonna happen so now it's a matter of seeing if he's right. The book is up his alley in regards to content, but it is below his reading level. Again, not worried about it for a variety of reasons. We're working through a set of books with a specific schedule in order to build up his endurance & to get him to stop skipping difficult words. 

Morgan is reading Ralph S. Mouse to me & he's truly not enjoying the book at all. I'm not entirely surprised as it's certainly more of a Jayde story then a Morgan story. Mr S is disappointed because he, personally, loves Ralph. I suggested Morgan leave it & move on to the next book we have scheduled, but he's determined to see this one through a little farther to see if it picks up it's pace any. It's more of a feel-good type story & less of an action filled page turner type book, which is what he prefers.

We also hung out at the park this week with friends from our homeschool group & I apparently have no pictures of the science we did this week either which is a bit weird. I'll have to check & see if I've simply overlooked them & update if I find them.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Science: Simple Machines

Video Link on QuieTube

To get things rolling around here again with our science we're working on Simple Machines as a kick-off to our year of physics. Yes, I know we're a bit late in the year to be "kicking it off" but such is the way of life sometimes. 

Back in the summer we started a 7 week study via WinterPromise/Spirited Autumn Hope with Simple Machines. We haven't quite wrapped that up, so I pulled out a few other resources we have on hand to go with it & we'll spend the next 2 weeks working on Simple Machines. Some of the starter info was pretty much review today, but that's a great way to build off of simplistic ideas so we can beef them up a bit.

There's enough of an age gap with my kids for one to still be at that simplistic idea phase where the other is most certainly capable of understanding beefier ideas. With that in mind we work from one book together & then they are each welcome to listen in on the other child's book to glean more, but it's not a requirement.

We regroup at some point in the day for notebooking pages, experiments if there are any, & a video tie-in if I have one of those. I've gotten pretty good at locating videos for the majority of the science for the next two weeks. I have one who needs to hear certain things repetitively to help them sink in, while the other enjoys seeing what we've learned in action.

While making my plans & schedules for our time with Simple Machines I flagged a few videos, one of which I shared above. It's rather cheesy, & full of giggles for the olders & adults. There's points in the video where a news reporter pops up & it's a great time, if you want, to pause the video to discuss the information shared & decide for yourself what you think might be happening in the core.

The video does an amazing job explaining mechanical advantage as well as force which made the cheesiness of it totally worthwhile. There's even a song & dance routine, all though you'll have to listen closely to catch all of the words in the song. All in all it helped tie our lesson together today!

Ancient Rome: Aquaduct

Exploring Ancient Rome is a lovely book used in the Winter Promise Quest For Ancients & it doesn't fail on information & projects. We started it last week, yes during that crazy short week & read about running water & sewer systems in Ancient Roman times. Each chapter ends with several project to choose from, or do them all, depends on what you want.

I had a child wandering around stating he wasn't quite sure what to do when I handed him the book & reminded him he was going to do a project from Chapter 1. He was eager to look at the instructions & get to work with it. He managed the whole thing on his own aside from the trimming the box. I can only presume that shoe boxes here in Australia are also different sized then they the ones used in the book so we altered the measurement for cutting a little bit & went with it.

He had a grand time building it & then testing it out both as you can see above & then in the sink. He wanted to see if the one he made could hold up to constant running water as the one we'd read about in the book could. It did!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Science Woes & Plans

This is what my desk looked like for the past couple of weeks as I worked on some science plans for my gang. We've been struggling with science since wrapping up a course we really loved a year or two ago. It's hard, isn't it, when you find something you love & then realise there is no more? That's pretty much where we are, at the end of a road that needed crossing.

The problem was knowing which way to go. While we own & have used a few of the Exploring Creation with.. science books, but I just don't like their constant pushing of the YE vs OE status. On top of that, while I don't mind a Christian perspective when it comes to science, I don't want the book lacking in science in order to make room for religion.

I know that sounds really awful. I have my own pangs of guilt over it, but truthfully I don't agree with the perspective put forth in the Apologia science books, which negates all guilt & has left me searching endlessly for something that will fill the need we have.

We even tried out the older versions with General Science this year, & while it doesn't have the same manifesto in regards to pushing forth the authors religious agenda I still wasn't entirely happy with the book. My child didn't mind it & could easily keep up with the workload, but when I'm uneasy about something I prefer to use the "when in doubt go without" idea until I can decide firmly on the product, curriculum, situation, etc.

This is initially what sent me investigating science curriculum which led me to Noeo Science. A Christian company who chooses to use a variety of books to teach with, books with a neutral or earthly view of the worlds existence presuming you, the parent, will add in the Christian perspective.

The only downer to it was that I accidentally ordered one child Chemistry & the other Physics while ordering all the physics books from Book Depository. Talk about a crazy dilemma! I debated "fixing" the problem by simply reordering the Noeo Physics I'd messed up on, but international shipping isn't cheap. Mr S argued that it wouldn't go to waste, which I agreed with, but at the same time I really didn't want to spend the money!

So I scanned my shelves & computer to look at what I had that would permit me to come up with something that both kids can use at the same time which will be right on their levels. I'm pretty certain what I've come up with will do exactly that & will permit us to get the best of a variety of things while making the most of resources we have within our home.

I'm not keen, mostly because science is so not my thing, on making our own plans for the remainder of the year, but honestly I'm not making my own plans as much as rearranging what we have in order to make it work for us. That is something I can handle!

We'll see how it goes & reevaluate at the end of the year. We've all ready got plans in action for then too, yeah I tend to plan pretty far in advance, what can I say..