Friday, May 16, 2014

Lego Chocolates

Jayden was lamenting that when I get him chocolate he only gets boring old chocolate because most dairy free chocolate is super dark & has nothing mixed into it. Telling him not to complain & be grateful wasn't really going to fix the disappointment he had.

I've suggested, previously, that we melt it down & mix in our own things to it, but that's not quite the same as being able to get something special from the shop. Mind you, being able to have chocolate from the shop should be special enough, but again that's not the battle I was choosing to fight.

Instead, I purchased some lego silicon moulds off ebay. There's a seller out of HongKong who was selling the moulds at a really reasonable price & I snagged 4 of the minifig moulds. When they arrived there was a huge amount of hubbub around here. Including the plead of could we please go to the shop right now & get chocolate!

We did end up biking to the shop for chocolate, but it took for ever for those moulds to air dry from our washing & we ended up waiting until the next day to actually make the chocolates. I did spray the moulds with some non-stick spray, all though I don't know that you need to.

Just to make them extra special I put a few 100's & 1000's in the bottom of the moulds & poured chocolate on top. The boys were pretty excited & didn't want to wait for them to harden so they slipped them in the freezer & we turned that onto "fast freeze" {ahh the fancy things we can do with modern technology!} & within 5 minutes we were turning out the chocolate.

The ones above are actually from milk chocolate that Morgan used where as Jayden's were much darker from the dairy free version. The end result was pretty cool & they were delighted about it. They think it would be fun to make them with white chocolate & tint it yellow, all though I mentioned it would look like a whole bunch of naked minifigs in the fridge. That's probably only encouraged their thinking though. Whoops!


Allie said...

Looks like fun!

reader19 said...

Very cool!

Nancy Ann said...

Okay, I need to get some of those molds!!

Keeslermom said...

We have those molds too. They make crayons too!