Thursday, May 8, 2014

Free Science Notebooking Pages

I haven't totally disappeared off the face of the earth, we've just been very busy enjoying our time off. We had lots of company drop in, some unexpectedly, some not & the boys had an absolute blast playing with cousins they don't see often, seeing other cousins more often then normal, & all sorts of other insane things. They managed to rope their Auntie, myself, & Nana into a lego challenge which was quite funny to be honest. I was voted best space machine, but I dunno because I think Auntie's was far more creative, but I digress..

During my spare moments I've been pre-reading books for Morgan's history this year, gathering together other books for the boys to read in their spare time, working on notebooking pages, & all sorts of other interesting things. I finally finished, for now, the science pages & thought I'd come share them here.

I spent a good chunk of time looking for some freebie ones, & while there is a lot out there to choose from, none were exactly what I needed. Perhaps I'm not the only one, then, who could benefit from the use of these pages? You see, the boys science this year, Noeo Physics, doesn't use little worksheets to keep track of what they are learning. I don't mind that & I'm sure they won't, all though they did enjoy labelling things & the crosswords they've done in the past with the Sonlight Worksheets.

Instead Noeo provides some free notebooking pages to use after each reading & a basic lab sheet to use after experiments as well. The thing is I wasn't too keen on the pages. With Morgans SSS he really needs to have the guidance of the HWOT lines still, the difference they make astounds even his beloved Dr F. I also wanted a bit more in depth lab sheet for our experiment time, & something more for our science words that they are required to define.

In the end I created 20 different pages. Many of the basic pages are the same with the boxes for sketches moved around. It often depends on what we are writing about, which child is using it, & things like that as to how many boxes we need. The first of the 20 pages I created with the idea in mind that we often take photos during science & they can print out a photo & affix it there then tell about it.

There are several different lab sheets, & if you download it you might wonder why. While creating the pages I asked Morgan for his opinion on the fonts I used for headers. He couldn't decide between the two I chose! So I kept them both & figured he can pick & choose whatever suits his fancy on any given day. You'll notice that 2 sets of lab sheets have helps/guides for writing down information, while the other two don't. That was also purposeful so that as they get familiar with filling in the pages they can move on to the ones without guides.  I had Mr S weigh in on the lab sheets to make sure I included everything, & after a detailed review he  gave them the thumbs up.

If you're interested in downloading them you can find them here. Enjoy!

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Jen's Busy Days said...

Very nice pages. Will add them to my science resources folder.