Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Australian History

One of the many things keeping me hopping around here lately is my efforts in putting together a massive Australian History study for my boys next year. Over the past several years we've used various Sonlight Cores & Winter Promise Themes which we've adored. The only downer to any of them is that they don't, for obvious reasons, offer an Australian History version. Which means, over the years, we've fit in a few things here or there, but haven't dug as deep as I'd really like to have.

I've attempted to work on one before & it ended up falling by the wayside in leu of other things that were happening in our lives. However a fellow Sonlight Mum has been working on something herself which she's used a few times over & was keen to share. It was inspiring to see that it was possible & what she'd come up with was lovely. It's only 29 weeks & uses several books I can't obtain my state for one reason or another.

The inspiration was enough to get me back to the drawing board & really flesh out a good portion of our plans. I'm pretty sure I maxed out just about every library card we owned in an attempt to look through books & weedle out which ones we'll use, which ones we'll purchase, & so forth. It's been fun, all though I've had to put it aside for a little while to concentrate on another 6 weeks of school here.

However, in the time I did have to work on it I managed to get my spines worked out & it looks like we might have two years of plans instead of one. Either way doesn't matter to me, all though our school years tend to be longer then most so who knows how long it will or won't take to accomplish. It would be a waste of time to speculate on that at the moment!

We're excited to dig deep with the resources we can access here, either because we own them, can borrow them, access them for free on the internet, or because they simple enough to purchase. The boys have been eyeing up the books that have been coming in & going out of the house which has them pretty excited about things too. Jayden was delighted to know we'd dawdle a little bit on Bushrangers, & Morgan was happy to revisit a variety of explorers he's previously studied. All though between me & you, I'm pretty sure Jayden is holding out for Bushrangers for the whole "glory & adventure" aspect, while Morgan's probably hoping for another Explorers Cake. 

I, however, am excited about it on many levels & I'm prayerful I'll be able to make the time to finish off the project. Not to mention that when we actually use those plans it all unfolds well & not in some patched together way that makes me wonder what on earth I was thinking! 

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sightreading.com.au said...

Hi there Kendra, I am a permanent lurker but had to pop up and say how grateful I am for all your research into Australian history resources! Looking forward to more detail as your boys start working through it. We are several years behind you so your research is my gain. I lived in Launceston for the first 18 years of my life :)