Saturday, May 31, 2014

2014 Weekly Wrap Up: Week 13/14

This is a bit of a weird Weekly Wrap Up for us because we've had two short weeks of school, & when I say short I mean a couple of days each week.

Last week we did minor things like Bible Readings, spelling review, & finishing off some outstanding books we had. We hung out with our Home Ed group, & called it a week. Not a strong academic week & not something I'd generally give credit for unless it was the end of the year & we were wrapping up loose strings. Yep, I'm that kinda homeschooler.

This week was off to a bumpy start when Jayden woke up with the beginnings of a cold on Friday of last week which progressed to Sunday, but started disappearing on Monday, all though I canceled swim lessons anyway. By that evening Mr S, Morgan, & I were all feeling funky like we'd contracted a portion of it ourselves. I announced it would be a delight to all be sick at one time instead of the spreading it out over the course of a month nonsense that seemed to be a chain reaction last year. Not sure the poor guys found the humour in my weirdness. We did accomplish a few things prior to my being down for the count on Wednesday with too much congestion in my head.

I finally hung our markable map up in our new house, I know it only took me 5 months right? So we filled in a few places we've visited this year & more that we heard about in the news report we watched & the article we read in our Gods World Newspaper. We mark the map differently depending on what we're marking. If the place is too small to handle letters we simply put a number on the location, then we put the same number at the top of the map & write the location's name up there. We aren't using a variety of colours, just whatever wet-wipe dry erase marker they can find at the moment. We might do different colours next year, but considering we were all ready 5 months behind, just getting it rolling was key this week.

Jayden worked on wrapping up last weeks math lesson. He managed well despite the chaos that was happening around him, but then he concentrates better while singing during math. Drives me absolutely bonkers simply because his songs tend to be repetitive, random, & make no sense what-so-ever. I did get him to hush during frazzled phone messages that Mr S had to deal with from the office.

Morgan didn't handle the insanity as well while trying to work on algebraic formulas with fractions this week. The phone was seriously ringing off the hook by Tuesday afternoon when Mr S' office was trying to deal with a server outage without him. I was trying to balance explaining the math lesson, waking Mr S up so he could deal with the problem, & asking Jayden to pipe down on his incredibly silly song.

In the end I took Morgan into the kitchen, thankfully we can close off most of the rooms in our home, & used the white board to draw out the formula while explaining it every step of the way. This kid not only has to see it being done but he has to know the why of every single step. I colour coded everything for him & then had him work through a half dozen problems with the method. He was fine by that point, but slightly annoyed at the excess of the formula because he could look at the problem & tell you the answer without missing a beat. We've had a rule for years that he has to show his work with the majority of his math, so we called it the "Just Prove It" formula. Ahh yes, well we found it amusing at the time.

Once things quieted down around here Morgan read to me for a bit. He's doing really well, but feeling intimidated with the size of the chapters in the book he's moved onto. I've tried pointing out that he was reading 2 chapters a day to me in the past 2 books & sometimes that was more then what's in this book, but he didn't really care about that. Rather then overwhelm him we'll scoot down to half a chapter adding in a few pages each week until he's up to a whole chapter. One thing I've learned is that if something causes him grief in this area we need to learn to roll with it because once he reaches the overwhelmed point he can't see straight. Literally.

This book is a bit below Jayden's reading level, but he's enjoying these lovely books all written by the same author. He was suppose to read a couple of chapters to Mr S while I dealt with laundry & dinner, but that crazy phone interrupted them after 1 chapter so they called it good. Mind you, I was simply impressed Jayde read to Daddy, because prior to this he won't read to/with anyone but myself or Morgan. You might find that weird, but this is the child who was walking & talking but no one believed us because he simply curled up in a ball & threw himself face first into my shoulder for the first year of his life. We once had a neighbor for 6 months who, upon the day she left, finally got our boy to wave good-bye to her. He even removed his dummy/pacifier from his mouth & shouted, "BYE!" She slammed on her breaks & screamed, "I SAW HIS FACE!" Yep, that pretty much sums up our kid. He's not as shy these days with most things, but he still has his moments.

Jayden started listening to Story Of The World, which he enjoys. I found some simple things to go along with it & offered them to him. One of which were these large timeline cards which we laminate & cut out to pin up in one of our long halls after he listens to a lesson. I downloaded them a long time ago, but if I find the link I'll share.

Morgan continued with his Mystery Of History lessons. He does 3 audio lessons each day, & then he tells me about them. We've pulled together a variety of notebooking pages, lapbooking bits, & so forth to have a small recording of something from the day. I also snagged the Challenge Cards that go with MOH from Bright Idea Press. He loves trivia so they are right up his alley, all though laminating & cutting them all out was not right up my alley!

Jayde started back with his Sea & Sky school, he was so excited about it. We're in the middle ages this week & instead of reading off the Kindle Fire which was, unfortunately, flat as a tack, we pulled up Unfurling The Sail on the computer & I fed it through our tv so he could look at the pictures while I read. He loved seeing the boat up there for labelling purposes, all though I'm impressed which how many locations on a boat he all ready knows!

We managed 1 day with these books as well. I actually read these Monday evening while the guys were playing a game of Ticket To Ride. We didn't get to the project in Explore Ancient Rome! Yet this week, but we're hoping to tackle it this weekend. The guys are pretty excited about it!

Looking forward to digging in a lot deeper with The Ides Of April which we're still only in the early chapters. Seriously considering reading some aloud to the gang this weekend, but we'll see what happens.

As Jayden is covering Marco Polo in his theme right now I thought I'd add in this read aloud & save the one he was suppose to be doing for next year. Yes, that's a long time away, but it's an Aussie history book so I'm happy to let it wait. In the mean time Morgan was excited to see this book in our stack this week because he remembers when I read it previously to him. I dug out Around The World in A Hundred Years to use to cover a few explorers with Jayden as well. Not sure if we'll read about all of them in there or not, but I figured if we have the resources we might as well make the most of it. He wasn't to keen about it at first, but then Morgan started telling him about the fun stories inside & Jayde decided he'd give it a chance. Wait until we get to the story about the rabbits..

That's pretty much our week. We had a few solid spelling lessons, did Bible reading, & did some poetry this week too, but the majority of our work happened in Monday & Tuesday of this week & last. I'm looking forward to a normal week!

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