Saturday, May 17, 2014

2014 Week Wrap Up: Week 11

Wow, it seems like it's been a while since I've updated with a school post, or many posts for that matter! We took our term break & continued to do a light sprinkling of school throughout. The kids continued reading aloud to me, such a treat, we listened to a few audio books, piano lessons began, swim continued, & company came. Lots of company. Or rather, lots of family members came at varying times & our front door seemed in constant revolving motion. We no sooner had beds changed from one lot when another arrived, but I'm not complaining. We enjoy it when family comes to visit, & even more when they are keen to stay & put up with our craziness for a day or two.

All though most cousins are totally relieved not to be greeted by a cheeky 4 year old who announces they've been, "watching you sleep forever & I thought you were never going to wake up & I needed you to wake up so I could know what kind of pyjamas you wore!" Ahh yes, my kids have certainly freaked out their fare share of cousins before.

The picture above is Morgan sitting in a local tree watching the Anzac ceremony. We never can, or try, to get too close to the monument until after the parade when things have settled down a bit, but the tree was perfect for being up in & watching the people speaking. And no, he's not wearing shorts he just wears through the knees of his pants & I've given up patching them. This kid wears through the 'steel knee' Lands End pants!!

Jayden was reading a kindle book to me this week, I'm not generally a fan of him reading from the Kindle or iPad because he tends to flip pages without meaning to, but the next book on his schedule wasn't here & was available in e-format so we went with it. That's his bird on the table, pretending to nap. I assure you if I'd been reading he would flown right into my face, landed on my shoulder & made his annoying, "I'm totally happy pooing on your shoulder while you read" noises. Which are slightly less annoying then his habit of trying to eat my wicker baskets!  Jaydie hit a point a month or two ago where he decided he wasn't a "reading kinda guy" & I realised he was in a bit of a rut, so out came a reading schedule to encourage him along a bit.

Swim lessons were, as normal, last week all though the boys coach has been off duty for a few weeks now. They missed him enough they informed the stand-in teacher that they really liked her lessons, but were wondering when Mr A would be back. She told them they had one more week with her, which Jayde decided he liked because she plays games with them & Mr A is all about swimming. Morgan was in the opposite boat because he learns better when he can see things demonstrated & their stand-in teacher just coached from the sidelines.

Morgan stared piano lessons with Hoffman's Academy, wow is that Mr Hoffman talented! He's really excited about it all though he's only done one lesson as our non-stop flow of company didn't encourage a lot of practice time. I love that there's a "play along" for him so that he not only has something to keep time with, but helps him see the goals he's trying to accomplish by being able to play correctly along with Mr Hoffman.  Jayden was suppose to start as well, but he opted out for now.

Morgan started reading a new book to me, having wrapped up yet another one previously in the week. The book is a lovely story, but misspelled words & slang spellings were doing numbers with his SSS so we packed the book away & moved to the next book on his list. He flew through that book & ended the week with it more then half finished. Before it's mentioned, I know there are times when he'll have to be challenged with things that ill-effect his SSS, but when we don't have to challenge it we choose not to.

The boys received the movie, Jericho, over the holidays & have watched it countless times. It inspired Morgan to consider making a few bits of clothes for his own minifigs. He's had heaps of capes for his Hobbit & Harry Potter legos, but he was inspired to try making some for other things as well. I warned him not to go with the hole puncher for the holes, but he opted to try it anyway & figured out pretty quickly why that wasn't a good idea. I helped him for a while because my dress scissors were not left-hand friendly, but he eventually found some that worked for him & we now have a plethora of capes around here.

Morgan has crossed the 3/4 mark in Epsilon, no pun intended. He's done really well with the work & set himself the goal of having the book done by July holidays. He originally was going to aim for only a couple of weeks, but I pointed out that if he needed a bit of a slow down should he hit a tough lesson that wouldn't leave much wiggle room. We glanced over how quickly he's been able to move previously & added in a few extra weeks for a "just in case" & he was happy with the idea of being done by July because he figures that gives him an additional 6 months to finish the next book. He's super eager to get to Algebra because he loves messing with x & y. Seriously, his words not mine!

Jayden wrapped up Gamma & moved into Delta. He was terrified about the whole thing & wasn't very keen to get going with the new math book, but I eventually found him at the table with the book & the cap gun. All I can say is, at least it wasn't the rifle. There was so much laughter during a family dinner with company recently when I had to shout over the din, "Jayden put the rifle down & set the table!" Notice Toad hiding in his hand? Morgan had hidden him in the new math book hoping it would help him smile during that first lesson.

My kids have been known to be in weird places while reading to me before, but when I turned around to work on the table while Morgan was reading to me & found him laying on the table I cracked up. And yes, his glasses are way too far down his face, he's annoyed about it. We need to visit the Optometrist so they can tighten them up, we're also hoping they can sell us another pair of frames because his back up glasses went through the washer. Not a grand combo, thankfully the expensive lenses were fine, but the frames, not so much.

It was a slow start back to a fuller schedule & while I don't have any pictures we also read our poetry & Bible each day. Worked through more of our history books, took a couple of long bike rides, & watched The Whipping Boy. It's a bit ahead of us, historically speaking, but the kids were eager to see it after hearing Mr S & I rave about it. We pulled it up on the Apple Tv & enjoyed watching it with them one evening.

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