Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Earlier this year I told the guys I was going to be purchasing a new game each month after some complaints that I don't buy new games as often as I use to. I was actually only teasing them when I said it originally, but they told me I would never do it because I'm always saying I won't spend money on one thing or another.

Now they were right, I do often say, "Oh no, I'm too cheap to buy that!" Don't get me wrong, if the kids need shoes they have them, groceries are bought weekly, & bills are paid monthly. I'm just not one to generally go shopping for the sake of shopping.  However, I'm the one, when we stumble upon something that's lovely & we'd make use of, that generally won't purchase it because I figure we've done fine enough without it.

Last month I actually ended up purchasing 3 games because all 3 were on special & came to less then the one game I was going to originally purchase. Yep, you read that right, games are really expensive here which is one reason I don't purchase them much anymore, much to the guys disappointment. Because I purchased those 3 I actually wasn't going to purchase one this month, but then some friends were really chatting up a game called Telestrations.

Now when someone says a game is a lot of fun I listen, but that isn't a good reason for me to rush out & purchase it. Nope, what inspired me to check it out was when I heard tell it was a version of Chinese Whispers. Ever eaten dinner with my family? Hung out with Jayde for a while? No? That's a shame, you're really missing out!

Point is, that child goes gaga for Chinese whispers. He had the entire Home Ed group from itty bitties all the way up to the big manly teens sitting in a circle playing this game one week. I try to head him off at the dinner table with, "Oo, no we can't play that you have to tell Daddy that cool thing you learned about..." Cause honestly, friends, I'm just not that into chewed up broccoli flying into my ear when he giggles as he tries to say the phrase.

A little research & I found the game at a toyshop on the mainland. A quick read up told me that the game was a combo of Chinese Whispers & Pictionary, a win-win around here with our kids. So I placed an order & told no one until Saturday. Only I just told them a surprise package was coming. They all said, "What you really mean is you ordered books & they are coming, right?"

I had to clarify that there were books coming for Term 2, science goodies, but there was also a surprise package. When it arrived & they discovered what it was & how it was played they couldn't wait to dig in. We played a few rounds over dinner that night, & the next night, & the next night..

Seriously funny game to play, all though Mr S & I tend to know what the other person meant which didn't make ours quite as funny at times, but it's still a great laugh! The best round we had was when everyone said they were ready & then Jayden said, "Wait, I don't even know what this word is, how am I suppose to draw it!!"

It's been a huge hit with the family, & the kids are desperate for cousins to visit so they can play with them as well. Pretty sure they were discussing playing it via Skype with Gram, but then decided it probably wouldn't work because of the need to pass the sketch pads & have the next person in line draw on it. Who knows though, they might find a way to make it work. They've come up with some pretty impressive ways of playing games via Skype! Needless to say they were super impressed with the surprise package.

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Nancy Ann said...

We love games here too. My son got a game called Castle Panic for Christmas and it's a huge hit. We have played it well over 24 times. It's a cooperative game which is kind of interesting. He can even play by himself to try and beat it. Really fun if you don't mind orc and goblin type stuff.