Thursday, April 10, 2014

Silly Boys

A couple of weeks ago while I was reading aloud to the kids Jayden's foam sword was shortened. I say shortened, because I'm pretty sure he made the change on purpose, but who knows. This child has owned more of these crazy foam swords than I can count. Seriously, if he has a gold coin in his pocket & sees one of those he generally can't walk by without purchasing it. They tend to get a pretty hard workout around here too.

However, when this recent one had the end removed he asked me to pin it to the back of shirt, which I found an odd request, but harmless enough. A couple of minutes later her shouted out, "Quick, Mom, take a picture!!' Yeah, I did & then told him next time he should consider using a little ketchup for theatrical effect. He didn't find my suggestion funny.

It might have something to do with the fact that we never let him forget that when he was 3 he went through a phase of crying whenever he had a scratch. One night at the dinner table the ketchup lid wasn't on properly & when he squeezed it heaps when on his finger too. He looked down, dropped the bottle & started screaming. Now I didn't find this odd because he also went through a phase where he hated his hands being dirty, but when he wouldn't stop I nearly came unhinged.

In desperation I shouted over the din, "What is your problem!" And he retaliated with, "I can't talk because I need a band-aid!" At which point Mr S & I completely lost it & sat there laughing like crazy. This of course did little to calm poor Jayde's anxiety over the issue & he stomped his foot telling us to stop laughing & get him a band-aid his thumb was hurting him so badly.

I told him it was only ketchup & he didn't need a band-aid, but that didn't help either. He told us, "It is a cut, I know because it hurts!" Five minutes of arguing with a 3 year old & I finally reached over & thrust his thumb into my mouth, producing a clean, ketchup-free thumb. He looks down, rubs his thumb on his shirt & says, "Oh, that feels better now."

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

The ketchup on the finger is a funny story. One to tell his kids one day. ;)