Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lego Movie

I took the kids to go see The Lego Movie last week. They've been counting down since the moment the New Year rolled in & have anxiously asked me ever week to check the Cinema website. I was so relieved when they finally had a release date so I could tell the boys to stop pestering me, but it was to no avail. So last month we popped into the theatre while in town & talked with the clerk about reserving seats in advance. At that point it was about 2 weeks prior to the showing. She was keen to help us, but not sure she could because if it's not in the computer they can't officially reserve you anything.

The manager agreed with her, but both urged us to check back in with them in the first of April in order to reserve the long sought after seats. Yeah, only I didn't. I kinda keep the first of April all hush-hush quiet-quiet around here. Why? I live with a practical jokester & the last thing he needs is a good excuse to play pranks! We usually wait until bedtime or the day after to announce it's time to roll over those calendars.

 That & after a week solid of running around I made it very clear I was not going out that particular day unless I was on my bicycle. Rain put a bit of a damper on that issue, which was fine by me, an even better excuse to stay home, right?

We made it on the 2nd instead & they had so many showings that first day I was shocked. I really thought they'd have one early afternoon showing & the rest after school was out, but nope they had showings from about 11 onward. Maybe because they were showing it in 3-D as well, I have no idea! All I know is we snagged seats for a mid-afternoon showing & hightailed it back from a home-ed gathering, much to the shock of all our friends who were confused as to why we were leaving so early, to hit the theatre.

I gotta be honest & say Morgan & I were really disappointed in the movie. The graphics weren't that grand compared to Clutch Powers or even Ninjago, & the story itself was flimsy. Jayden, however rolled with laughter the entire time & was laughing so hard through the credits the fellow who came in to clean up the theatre, you know for all 9 of us who'd thrown popcorn around, kept stopping to make sure our kid wasn't choking. 

Don't get me wrong, the movie wasn't horrible, & we'd like to see it again, when it's on DVD, but we were taken aback by the whole thing. All though I have to tell you my kids were in shock over the ice cream truck. Why?

Well, you do remember when Morgan won city & state champ for the Lego competition right? He made an ice cream truck, complete with an ice cream on top & a kiosk type area out the side. Jayden is utterly convinced they got the idea from Morgan's winning entry. I dunno if he's spot on about it or not, but I did say I found the whole thing amusing when a line in the movie has the ice cream truck in full view & says, "They take our ideas & make them even better.." Knowing the chatter that had been going in our home over the whole ice cream truck just caused me to crack up.

Needless to say there's been a whole lot of Lego talk happening in our house, which is saying something because Lego Talk is always happening around here. Mr S didn't join us for the showing as he was busy with work meetings & what-not, so he's a little lost by some of the nerdy quotes we've made from the film.

He wanted to know if it was worthy of going in for a viewing again, & I said no. The kids weren't in total agreement with me, but as we're not huge movie goers due to the excess price of it we've all agreed to wait until it comes out on DVD. I really do think, expecting it to be poorer quality next time we'll probably enjoy it more. After all you have to Believe, which might sound like a cat poster, but it's true, really! -- And if you've seen the movie you'll know what I mean.

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

Thanks for the heads up. I was contemplating taking the girls during the school hols, as apparently I never take them anywhere, like their other friends. Not true, I just don't like going out during school hols due to the huge crowds and over pricing! Anyway I think we'll wait for the DVD version too.