Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Free Viking Game

Jayden is on a huge Viking kick with his studies lately which really doesn't surprise me. Last week I dug out some of the crafts & things I'd flagged to use during our time with Vikings & this freebie game was one of them. Jayden was so excited about playing a Viking game I'm pretty sure in the 20 minutes it took to assemble the cards & game board I was asked at least that many times if it was ready yet.

It's actually made to help students {or parents for that matter} learn the trading routes that Vikings used. The game is pretty simple once you get the game board made & the cards all printed out. The rules were super simple & straight forward too.

We printed ours out on typical A4 paper & then I trimmed it so everything lined up when I taped it together. I taped the front & the back so that it held together from both sides. All though I don't know if you'd need to do that, especially if you taped it down to some poster board or something. Either way, we chose the coloured version so we could get into playing it straight away.

Someone had the wrong paper in the printer so the cards were printed on thin paper which made them pretty easy to read through. So while we listened to an audio book I cut them apart & then glued them onto some coloured paper which we cut apart. They aren't very stiff for a typical shuffling, but you can easily mix them up & stack them up for the game.

After that all we needed was to locate some dice & markers. The chips came from a phonics curriculum the kids used when they were much much younger. We seem to have a plethora of them laying around still & we use them for all sorts of things, like playing viking games! The instructions said it could take up to 30 minutes to play, but perhaps they were playing with a lot more people because our first game was short enough that the boys begged for another. In fact, they'd have been keen to have spent the whole afternoon playing it, but we did have a few other things to do.

You can find the free printable game, instructions, & information here if you're interested. It's a great addition to Week 5 in Adventures in Sea & Sky, or any other Viking study for that matter. For storing it we simply folded the game board in thirds & banded the cards together. I didn't put it in the came cupboard though, instead I put it on the top shelf of our bookcase where it can remain flat.


Kylie said...

Oh this is great. We are into Vikings right now too. Thank you :-)

Allie said...

This is perfect for us right now, ds is doing his medieval project on Vikings so this fits right in. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for sharing! We are on Vikings right now, too!