Friday, April 11, 2014

Book Display Changes

While looking on the shelve for a book I was told we own, which I don't think we do, I pulled out some new books to incise the boys to look through. The Pirate book is one Mom sent years ago to the boys & Morgan made quite a few things out of it. Jayden hasn't actually opened it up yet, but that's because he's been so intent on the Viking book. Cows In Action might be a book Mr S picked up & brought home one day, it's suppose to be about Viking Cows & considering the current love for Vikings I thought, "Eh, why not!" Wild is a comic style Bible telling of Jesus' life. My boys go gaga for comic books & we own a few comic style Bibles that get read often.

As for the The Viking book. It was actually a library find Jayden snagged as a last minute choice when he got tired of waiting for the people in front of us at the check-out to use the machine. It's actually a lovely book!

Morgan's stash didn't change much except I found a Phineas & Ferb book about the Trojan War. Funnily enough I'd pulled that episode up on YouTube recently for the boys to watch. We've read one smaller account of this tale as we await our chapter book of it to arrive in the mail, & I thought it might be fun for the boys to compare the two stories. However, I don't think Morgan managed to read that book because he plowed through a library book in 3 days & then rushed back to get the second in the series only to be deflated it was checked out & not due until the end of the month. I reminded him that a favourite Uncle has a copy of the book & so he begged Daddy to send said uncle a request to borrow the book.

I do find that they both look through the books when they are laying on the floor waiting for one thing or another, listening to an audio book, or waiting on me. When they slept in the library the books got read each night so maybe if I put the books in display in their rooms they'll look through them each night. All though they do go into the home library to find books for the night so who knows, I really don't mind either way.

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