Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Package In The Mail

Our final package to arrive last week was a stack of books from Book Depository. Every now & again they will ship us a lovely big box of books instead of 1 book at a time. I always love that because there's no wondering if they've all arrived or not. Funnily enough one book was mailed outside of this big box.

I had a few books I needed for Morgan for Term 2 that we ordered & the science books we didn't all ready own that go with our Noeo Science sets that we purchased. Or rather the 2 Phsyics sets I thought I purchased. The only book that wasn't on either list was Super Science Concoctions, but with term break soon upon us I thought a little extra fun on hand might be cool.

The Explore Ancient.. books are really lovely & I can't wait to dig into them. There's 2 ideas at the nd of each reading for a hands on project & we might start with the Ancient Greece book during Term break reading a small section & letting the kids pick which activity they'd like to go off & do. We'll see, as we have a few other things flagged during that time.

We really love those crazy Usborne Encyclopaedias & own quite a few on different topics, in fact the kids are trying to convince me we need another one that would go with both history topics being studied this year, & you know I'm beginning to think they might be right!

We're still awaiting a few more packages, but only one with school books in it. How on earth is it I can order 2 books from Sydney & have them take longer to arrive then books from London, England?! Don't ask, I haven't figured that out either, but we are hoping they arrive this week as that's the book about the Trojan war we're eager to read.

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