Sunday, April 6, 2014

2014 Weekly Wrap Up: Week 9

More Vikings, Middle Ages, & Greek Myths, oh my! That sorta sums up our lovely studies  as we were stretched across vast periods of time this week with interests running in all directions that tied in with our books, & the tidbits that inspired even more research inspiration from the boys.

We also spent the week intercepting packages from the postman this as well. In fact I'm pretty sure he knows the moment I have rubber gloves on to scrub laundry, or when I sit down to start reading to the kids, because those are the moments he chooses to ring the doorbell & stand expectantly holding the goods. Still, one can't begrudge the fellow when he brings us such lovely things!

We're still reading away in A Child's History Of The World & love seeing the stories in there creep up in our other books as well. It was interesting to see a few of the greek myths told slightly differently in the D'Aularies' book compared to how it was represented in CHOW. We also swapped one of our scheduled books for God King & have thus far enjoyed it all though we aren't very deep into it yet. 

We're also reading small snippets from Pharaohs & Foot Soldiers as well as Kings & Carpenters. Both give us a glimpse into life in the past in regards to jobs, home life, & more. The pictures are cartoony in their drawing, but the kids love them. The information inside is really interesting & has helped explain a few things in our read alouds too.

At the start of the year I debated using the full 1 year Quest For Ancients from WP alongside Core W with Morgan, so we could enjoy all the loveliness both companies had to offer, or if I should use the 9 week study from Spirited Autumn Hope alongside a portion of Core W. I really tossed & turned on that idea for a long while & opted to go with the full year, but we found our books were moving us a bit quicker so this week I pulled out the 9 week study & found it was just the right fit for us due to the speed we were moving at.

It's beautifully written & includes notebooking pages & timeline information too. Both of which are winners with us. We'll continue to borrow bits & bobs from Quest as well, but for now we're enjoying the extras from the 9 week Ancient guide.

Morgan is still using MOH Vol. 1, we're hoping to wrap that up next term & begin Vol. 2. We aren't using it as scheduled in regards to a full on curriculum of it's own accord, but rather listening to the lessons as you would a good story & using a few of the quiz questions here & there for review purposes. 

We had a lovely sunny day & a child who was allowing all the spelling tiles to scramble his thinking this week so we took spelling to the driveway & worked on things that way. Spelling is one of those things we really need to do first in the morning or brains become so full of other information they can't keep it all straight.

Still reading through our 30 Days With Jesus for our morning Bible readings as well as listening to the Old Testament. We reworded a few of our poems this week in our poetry book because they spoke of Autumn & of course it unfolding in September. My crazy kids sat there looking confused so I reread the poem using March in it's place. Jayden is still working on his multiplication flash cards. The goal is 2 minutes or less & he gets a day off, once he's consistent with that time we'll start saying them as division facts. He's only off by 12-20 seconds these days from his goal of 2 minutes which has caused some angst, but we plod on regardless. 

We decided to try out A Child's Geography just for fun & read through a chapter this week. My goal is really to only encourage & not lose the geography the kids picked up last year as we continue forward. I honestly think Draw Your World will fit that bill, but we haven't gotten into it this term yet. That's okay though, there's always next term. In the mean time this book was a fun read, & we'll see how we go with it. There's three out in this series right now & because we're not using it as our main, just a fun read I don't think it would take long to get through them.

Jayden moved to a chair to do math after complaining that Morgan & I were shouting out random numbers that were confusing him. Honestly, we weren't shouting anything, all though we did mention numbers here & there. Poor Jayde was just exhausted that day & when he returned to the table with his math book it showed in his work & he broke down in tears saying he couldn't fix any of it because his entire brain had so many numbers in it he couldn't pick the right one out. I sent him outside for a bike ride then fed him lunch before we fixed the silly mistakes. He's down to his final lesson in that book before he moved on to Delta. All though I'm seriously considering 1 math problem a day during term break so he doesn't let all those numbers run too far away!

Morgan moved forward with math as well, & while he could have accomplished 2 lessons he was worried that while the first one was simple that if he moved forward he'd become confused & forget the easy stuff. So we worked on the D, E, F pages in his book this week so he could simply work on reviewing the easy lesson as well as the other things from the book. 

Swim lessons as normal, all though this is all I saw of them! I was really annoyed because rumour has it that while they haven't mastered the items they were both working on they finally broke through & made huge progress. I was busy in the office trying to sort out a billing issue. I came out & noticed high-fives were going around which was a sure sign the lesson was over. The boys were happy to tell me all about the lesson which started & ended with "A was wearing pink goggles today, he just grabbed a pair from the storeroom, but you'd really think he would have picked a different colour! I kept snickering because I was trying so hard not to laugh & he kept wondering what was so funny." I'm glad to know they latched onto the important things in class this week..

Jayden & I embarked on part of his Middle Ages week. We'll finish the other half next week. It wasn't our intention to only cover half of it, but we spent more time this week reading some books he checked out of the library about vikings & wrapping up some of his Viking notebooking pages he hadn't finished yet.

I especially loved these notebooking pages he worked on this week, but he was a bit annoyed over them. It was actually very amusing because I would read the question on the outside of each flap & then open the booklet & read the half answer & wait for him to give me the other half. He was on the floor looking through pictures of vikings & finally jumped up stormed across the room & said, "I'd really appreciate it if you'd stop answering these questions for me & allow me a try!" So I had to show him I was only reading what was written on the page. We both cracked up over it, but oh my was he insulted at first!

Morgan didn't tackle his notebooking pages so he'll work on them next week. I don't mind that entirely because it also makes for a nice reminder of what you worked on last week as you reread a little information on your pages & then decide what you'll write about. 

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