Thursday, March 13, 2014

Timeline, A Game

Earlier this year while spending a Sunday afternoon playing games the boys commented that we hadn't purchased many new games of late. Which is true. I use to obtain each of them a new game for Christmas, but games have become incredibly expensive here & since I'd rather spend money on obtaining a good game I've taken to buying 1 for the family.

Mr S told the boys my normal mantra, "She's too cheap." Which is often what I say when the guys ask me why I won't purchase something. So I told them that if that's the way they were going to be about it I was going to get a new game every month this year just to prove to them I'm not always cheap! They had themselves a grand laugh over the whole thing, which only inspired me to stick with plan.

So last month I flagged a few games that would coincide with learning themes around our home, but when I went to purchase the one I'd intended for the month it was out of stock. I debated purchasing it elsewhere, but instead stumbled upon the game Timline. It was on sale for such a delightful price I picked up two different versions which can be used together & another game to boot! When the games showed up the guys were delighted, all though they'd completely forgotten their ribbing & my statement of purchasing a game a month.

As for Timeline, it's a lovely little game that is pretty open ended in regards to play. The idea is that you each start with 4 cards & you must slip them into the timeline you're all making in sequential order of time. You build off the first card flipped over by the dealer from the remainder that are not dealt out. Pretty simple, right?

It was interesting to discover how much we remembered from past lessons & how much was being remembered from current lessons, but also how much we thought we knew that we had all wrong! We even found a few cards that inspired a little late night research to discover what on earth they were all about, & a few more cards that required a little picture hunting so the boys could giggle at things from the past. Things like the first computer for starters.

When you place your card on the timeline you flip it over where the same information plus the date are also displayed. If you've placed it correctly you leave it & if you didn't you put it in the discard pile & pick up a new card. The first person to run out of cards is the winner. It's a quick play which has resulted in many rounds of the game being played since it arrived on our front door.

We have the Science & Discovery pack as well as the Events pack. Each pack has something like 110 cards & I think there are another 2 packs which cover Inventions & Diversity {more historical events}, & they also have 110 cards in each of them. Talk about an impressive timeline & a wonderful way to remember all the things we're studying!

The game is made from an evolutionary point of view so you may find there are some cards you'd rather pull out instead of including. We keep ones that we've opted to pull out in one tin & the cards we used in the second tin.

I purchased our sets from an Australian Game company on the mainland called Games Empire Australia. They are only open a few days a week {3 to be exact}, but you can place online orders at anytime. I placed mine on a day they were closed but they shipped our games the following Tuesday once they were open. It looks like if you're in the USA you can purchase them from Amazon. And no, we weren't asked to review the game or given it for free.

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