Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Science Notebooks 2014

I wasn't very keen on either of the kids notebooks this year as neither of them seemed to have space to record what we wanted. I was kinda surprised because the Apologia notebooks we've used previously haven't been like that. The thing was without having a place to record little things here & there not as much was sticking with what was being read.

So I debated just having the kids give narrations for their readings & we'd go ahead & type those up for their notebooks this year, but before I did I scanned Currclick to check out what others had invented in regards to the Apologia notebooking. It turns out there's quite a few things out there, & I had a bigger job sorting through it to decide what, if anything, was going to work for our family.

I debated quite a few things for each child until I ended up settling on the Live N Learn lapbooks for their respective books. It's been a long time since we've done lap booking because, for the most part, the kids have graduated to Notebooking which has served us well, but I did like all the prompts these mini books covered. It's also really easy to eliminate those we don't need/want & to arrange them in a way that fits into our science notebooks. It's also less overwhelming to ask for a few bits of information on a variety of things compared to an entire notebooking page.

You can pick them up directly from Live N Learn Press or you can snag them from Currclick, if you're interested. Personally I prefer to get them from CurrClick because it's easy for me & sometimes I have a bit of credit there, thanks for clicking on those links. However, since their latest site upgrade I prefer to find my samples of products elsewhere, thus checking out the products at the Live N Learn Press might be wiser.

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