Sunday, March 23, 2014


Here's the other half of our library, this is the area where all the school books are stored on the shelves. These ones are actually broken down by topics with science books in one area, math in another, history taking over a good portion, writing, art, etc. The walls are loaded on this side with various posters, school stuff, & certificates from previous years. There's a gap in the wall up by the ceiling because one of our Bible verse posters from our Five In A Row days has fallen down & I can't find where on earth it's gone to. I'm beginning to think someone pulled it down, but who I have no idea. Nor do I have any idea where it's gone. I've even moved the book case to peek behind it!!

Despite the picture it really is a warm & sunny place to do our seat work as that window there lets in lots of light & the heat pump is right there as well. The only downer is that none of the windows in the front of our home have screens on them. The front of the house is older & for whatever reasons the former owners didn't install screens or consider replacing windows. This means mozzies can come in at night if we don't close the windows soon enough & during the day the occasional blowie comes in, or worse, huntsman spiders.

We were sitting at that table a few weeks ago cutting out bits & bobs for notebooks & chatting away happily when Morgan's face went white & he jumped up stating adamantly that he had to leave the room immediately. Both Jayde & I knew exactly why, but we could not see the spider anywhere. Extremely unnerving because the only thing worse then a spider the size of your face is not being able to see it. We eventually found it sitting atop the lefthand side of those nifty white curtains.

I managed a scrambled, "Huntsman in the school room!!" to Mr S before attempting to remove it myself. Morgan is petrified by spiders, but truthfully so am I! Mr S actually asked if he needed to come home from work to take care of the problem, & he received a garbled, "Leave me alone I'm trying to conquer this beast!" type message back.

I'm not sure who ended up more terrified by the end, the spider or myself. He was not keen to get on the elongated dusting device I used to remove him with & once he did he came running up it straight at me so I flung the contraption out the front door, only Mr Spider jumped off of it & came running back up the floor towards me. So I went with the "sweep him out the door" technique which only caused us both much angst, but we both managed to survive the whole ordeal.

Me, still shaking over the whole ordeal informs the kids it's safe to return to the room now, & Morgan, hiding in the kitchen the entire time while I'm screaming things like, "Open the front door!!" & "Where on earth is everyone I could use some moral support here!!" Trots happily back into the room & says, "Well I'm glad that's over, his hairy legs give me the shivers." 

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Dawn said...

Your classroom looks great without the spider. What an alarming experience.
Blessings, Dawn