Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 Weekly Wrap Up: Week 8

Another week behind us all ready? I can't seem to keep up, & last week was no expect ion with a few of us fighting off a touch of a cold. We're in the home stretch of this term with only 2 more weeks to go. It doesn't seem like the end  of a term could/should be upon us yet as this one has really flown by, but we could use a short mental break & regrouping.

This was a semi-slow week for us as we used it to catch up on things here & there which we needed to tie up. I'm not sure we accomplished all of them, but the semi slower pace was nice for a while. Mind you it was a little light on photos too, which I didn't notice until I went to find the photos I took for this particular week. Whoops!

We continued on with spelling, mostly working on mastering some rules & straggling words that were holding each of them up from moving on to new steps. Pretty sure we tackled a new step as well. Yes, our board is super tiny for AAS, but it works for us with the tiles we're using right now. Jayden especially needs to see & use those tiles regularly in order to succeed, it's funny because I thought it would be Morgan who'd need them more, but he can go either way.

Both boys wrapped up a couple of writing lessons they had left over. We seem to have that happen a bit with WWE & WWS, for the simple reason that, most often, we don't get to writing 2x a week with swim & our home ed outing. We'll see if that changes in Term 2, but I'm not expecting it to. And, incase you're wondering, no the worksheets in the WWE book don't come in a landscape form, I made that one up for our lefty who thrives with HWOT paper.

We found a free Viking Game to print & play that the boys had a grand time with. It was a great tie in for Jayden's Viking week last week. We stayed with Vikings for a second week running because he was very smitten by them & I was in no rush to move forward. He also made a few viking men from tp tubes with the printout available over at DLT Kids, & we debated a viking helmet cake. I'm still keen to go make it, but he's not sure.

Both boys tackled another math lesson in their books, but found them ridiculously easy. Ahh, music to my ears. No, seriously! When my boys tackle a math lesson in MUS that they can easily tackle we choose one of two options: A. After watching the lecture & doing the A page we move straight into the D, E, & F pages allowing them to practice all previous work too.  Or, B: We simply move onto another lesson. I opted to have Morgan do the practice pages because I wasn't sure how he'd handle the next lesson. Jayden moved onto the next lesson.

Our local Home Ed group had a garden swap that everyone was welcome to participate in, we opted not to participate as our garden didn't have much of anything to share as of yet. We did show up for the competition end we were suppose to be in, but weren't. As in, we found out we were moving a week after getting our seeds & decided not to plant them & participate this year. We did, however, enjoy checking out the items from the few who did participate. The pumpkin above came in 2nd place for Weirdest Pumpkin. 

The boys had swim lessons & were delighted to be back with their normal instructor this week. They were so incredibly nervous about the situation, but I assured them we'd all ready spoken with the people about it & that if they weren't in with their normal teacher they could simply walk away from the class. After lessons Morgan wanted to shower at the pool so while we waited Jayde had fun in the indoor splash pad area. The few littler kids left hanging out at the pool took pure delight in spraying him with the water cannons.

We also:

Finished reading Adara, the ending was a little less then satisfying considering the start, but we enjoyed the book all the same.

Started listening to D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. We've doing this as an Audio which is narrated by several different people. We've had a lot of laughs over some of the stories & some, "Wow, so how did they go so wrong with that one?!" type moments.

We also Finished up The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle which was a book Jayde was listening to alongside his Sea & Sky fun. The ending was unexpected but we didn't mind it. It left the boys wondering which means they enjoyed it.

We started listening to Stowaway with Jayde now that he's wrapped up Charlotte Doyle. We didn't get as far into it as we aimed, but it's a lovely listen thus far & I love that we'll touch in on some Australian history alongside with our world history studies this year. 

We watched a fun episode of Horrible History that touched basis on a whole lot of topics we've studied so far this year. From Ancient Egyptians to Vikings, it was really a lovely tie in. And as much as the show can have it's gross moments we really do enjoy the series. 

All in all not too slow of a week, especially since we were on the run every single day except Wednesday when I told everyone I was refusing to go anywhere for anything. The boys were annoyed, they'd hoped for a trip to the library, we made up for that with a bike ride there on Saturday instead.

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Nancy Ann said...

I really like MUS as well for the reason that they can move on if they get it. Many times we can do one lesson in a day by watching the video and than doing worksheet A and F. I will usually come back after a couple days and go through the Application and Enrichment pages from previous lessons.
I also noticed the You Wouldn't Want To Be An Egyptian Builder book. My son loves those as well!!