Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014 Weekly Wrap Up: Week 7

Another week behind us, & what a full week we had especially after last weeks very lax & quiet week around our home. We've reached that point in the term where, while there aren't complaints, kids are curious as to when their term break is happening. All though a good portion of that could also be because of the activities & visitors planned in our upcoming time off.

Two of us ended up feeling like we were getting colds this week with the cooler temperatures that rolled in. Not the fun side of the crazy ups & downs with the weather we're getting. We got them early enough that I'm praying we won't get taken over with them, we had a really rough year with sickness last year & we're not keen to repeat it.

And no, if you have this planner & print it out I promise all the lines line up perfectly. Morgan noticed that mine weren't lined up by the binding & wondered what was up with it. If I type my plans up on the computer & print them out I just trim the printed pages & glue them in my planner. Easy Peasy, all though it did, this week, for whatever reason give that funny look. It might be that I bound one of my test planners, who knows!

Morgan & I read Hittite Warrior which was a delightful read, all though a violent book in some areas. It was a nice book to come in with after reading Tirzah though & we both really enjoyed the book. It tied in well with some other things we were reading as well. We'll be using A Child's History Of The World throughout the year as we haven't read it before & it's one of our called for spines. It's simple enough & we've enjoyed it. We also began The Trojan War this week which we've enjoyed thus far.

Once again Morgan was spotted with headphones on a good deal of the time during school hours this week as he listened away to Mystery Of History at a quicker pace, listened to science lectures, & is working his way through the Old Testament as well. I mentioned that we might be switching history for a year or two & he was torn on that one, we'll see what happens.

Jayden & I made our way through portions of all these books. We have the older copy of Adventures in Sea & Sky, but we updated to the newer copy which has given us the ability to take parts of all of it that we like & combine it together. For instance, the Ship book is currently out of print & difficult to get ahold of, but it's so lovely & ties in so well with what we're reading we didn't want to skip it. If you didn't own it all ready though, I can see why removing it from the theme would be very beneficial! Awesome Ocean Science isn't in the newer theme as much either, but we really love the book so we're using the schedule from the older Guide for that book as well. Dragons of The Deep we're taking at a slower pace then schedule but enjoying most of it. The Kindle houses a lot of Jayde's spines which is why it's in the stack.

Both boys completed another step in AAS this week much to each child's delight. We'd been on a slight halt with the programme since moving as Jayden really needs those tiles in order to benefit the most from the programme. They were on our fridge & we were suppose to do spelling at the lunch hour, but you know it just wasn't happening. So I made a rash choice & picked up a small white board that sits in our school area. We do Bible & then jump right into spelling every day. It might sound weird, but my kids are delighted to be back at it! 

Both boys were using Writing With Ease this week at his own level. Morgan doesn't need it for the dictation or copy work practice, but rather for the spelling & punctuation practice. He actually enjoys it quite a bit too so it's a double-win for us. Our intention had been to do 6 weeks of non-fiction writing in a term & 4 weeks of fiction writing. We might change that up a bit next term, but we'll see what unfolds for him.

Jayde still does WWE for copy work, dictation, narration, spelling, & grammar practice. He's gone from struggling to write 1 sentence decently to doing well with more then that, all though this week there were a few, minor, complaints. So I told him that if he kept complaining & went to swim & told his coach that writing was his favourite subject again I was going to shout out, "Then how come you complained!" And no he doesn't have a facial issue, he's got a mouthful of grapes or rice crackers, or goat cheese.. your guess is as good as mine..

Speaking of swim, we had lessons this week which deflated both boys. For whatever reason they were put into a different class this week which didn't not excite them, but it was compounded by a few other off setting issues the biggest of which was their favourite coach wasn't teaching that class. Both boys were so frustrated after their class & were distraught enough that Mr S & I went in & spoke with the manager about putting them back where they were. We'd specifically requested the coach they had & much prefer him over the instructor from last week. We're all a little nervous about next week, but they should be good.

Morgan had too many books going so I told him to select one of them & read it to me. We own many copies of this book so we each grabbed up copy & a comfy bit of furniture & he read away to me. I was happy to read him a few bits here & there if he wanted, but he was quite adamant on reading to me, which was a nice treat I must say.

Jayden & I have been reading this particular copy of Robin Hood written by the infamous Michael Morpurgo. Jayden loves the Morpurgo books as many of them are related to WWII, this one has had a mention of it, but it's not the main theme of the book. The book is quite descriptive so we've been swapping on & off with paragraphs as we make our way through. We have a few other differing copies of Robin Hood we might pull out to read as well to compare the varying versions.

Deep concentration over common factors there. No one moved forward in math this week as we just reviewed from the last full week we had. It was a good option as their review pages covered lots of things from the rest of the book. No rush or fuss this week due to the slack week prior. We'll move forward next week. 

Thursday we had a wonderful outing to a museum not far from us that had a venue from Italy on display all about Da Vinci. We were all set to take some lovely photos but they asked us not to. We're not entirely sure why as none of the works present were actual works, it was all replicas. As the curator stated, "We could never afford the real ones!"  Despite our lack of photos it was an amazing venue & we enjoyed it thoroughly. We went through with a guide who very much loved her job which made it a joy to hear her gush about each item. Then you were welcome to go back through it & try everything out on your own. As if we didn't all ready know this man was amazing, to see actual replicas of his work & realise what they are used for now was just mind blowing. They had a working  display of a robot the man created! A wind up car & a machine that looked a whole lot like a piston! Morgan loved the creativity & genius behind it all he's such a creative thinker it doesn't surprise me at all, where as Jayden preferred to test everything out & see how it worked, again not a huge surprise there. We were also treated to a copy of the Mona Lisa, which was quite amusing because Morgan shared all sorts of funny facts with the lady at the front desk about the said painting upon our departure.  All up a full & fun week. 

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