Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Weekly Wrap Up: Week 6

Monday was a holiday here which was a good thing because we had some catching up on sleep to do after our big camping trip the weekend prior. After getting everything unpacked Monday we went to the local hardware shop to pick up some water absorber packs we like to keep in our packed up tent. While over that way we popped into a local cheap shop & I found a book full of 3-D dino masks that I snagged for Jayde. It was .49 well spent as he spent Tuesday morning working on getting all the pieces punched out for it while I was reading to him. I helped him assemble it as it was a wee bit fiddly & required some sticky tape to hold pieces in place. Pretty cool though once we got it done!

I also picked this nifty little thing up for him for an additional .49 He was tickled pink to put the whole thing together himself without needing any help. It came with some "jewellery" from the time period, but he wasn't keen to try that & just popped it up on his display shelf instead. The little craft kit was originally from the British Museum & is suppose to be a paper replica of the Sutton Hoo ship. While we haven't read about this particular one in our Sea & Sky studies yet I figured it would still be a fun craft for him. There was a little paper that came with it to tell us all about the peoples, times, & boat!

So not only was our week ridiculously light so were the photos taken because not only did I find this funny one, I also discovered that a certain little boy took funny photos of his brother helping scrub laundry, & a funny toy they found in the op-shop & felt Mr S should have a photo of straight up. We spent the week reading, reading, & reading some more. In this photo I was actually listening to Morgan read before we swapped & I started reading to him.

Thursday we met up with our Home Ed group at a local park where the kids enjoyed biking with friends. Many in the group are in a play that one of the kids has written, but my boys opted out. They deputed non speaking parts, but in the end decided not to accept them. Funny thing was, many people they needed were missing for the practice that afternoon so my boys stood in for various people & found each part they played a wee bit funnier then the one before.

Friday we finished our reading for the week. Seriously, it's all the school we did for the week aside from the crafts Jayde worked on. After finishing up our reading we decided to go to a couple of op-shops because I was looking for a few things for the house. While I didn't find much of anything that I was looking for I did pick up quite a few warm tops for the family, a chair, & a couple of items for our trailer. After that Jayde begged for a game in a local town square which I obliged him with. Or rather Morgan obliged him because I sat in the shade & watched them play. Then again, so did the elderly men who like to sit in the old train depot area while their wives shop. 

What did we read this week anyway?
30 Days With Jesus {just reading through the prophetic telling of Jesus's birth-his death as we await the arrival of Easter}
Tirzah {we finished this one off}
Red Pyramid Book 1 {actually listening to this one in the evenings}

I should add we've also been watching CNN Student News as a family after tea too, & while the kids did not have swim lessons this week we hit the pool late on Thursday evening so they could have a practice while Mr S & I swam laps. It was amazingly quiet & slow at that time.

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