Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 Weekly Wrap Up: Week 5

 Week 5 marks our halfway point for Term 1 as our goal for this term was 10 weeks. It came as a shock as we wrapped things up on Friday morning & I looked down to update our planner & spotted that I was filling in Week 6 for the coming week ahead. Of course it meant nothing to some of the household until I pointed out that it meant another 5 weeks & we'd take a couple of weeks off. That led to much more excitement.

It was a full & crazy week for us here again, but we accomplished a large amount of work. I don't know about you, but I don't often realise exactly how much we've accomplished until I'm looking over photos of the week or double check that we have/n't accomplished something to schedule for the week ahead.

Somehow I've missed taking a picture at swim lessons this past week, but we really did attend. Despite the emptiness of the pool with school in session there are still people present, as well as the friend we have in our class which can make taking the occasional photo difficult to be sure no one else is in them.

Monday we played a new game called Timeline which arrived in the mail. I'd ordered it the week prior & it took forever to come as the shop I obtained it from is only open a few times each week. We were delighted to dig in & spent quite a bit of the evening playing with it. It's a pretty simple game I'll share about later.

Morgan & I dug into all of these books this week. Our own copy of the bottom book finally arrived from the UK. We've really enjoyed the little glimpses into everyday life in the Ancient World so it was a delight to find our copy was bigger then the library version we'd been borrowing. Morgan is reading Bible Wars & Weapons aloud to me, what a treat, & I'm reading Tirzah aloud to the family. It was really Morgan's read aloud, but Jayden was captivated about it & they begged for it in the evening which sucked Mr S into it as well. It's a lovely fictional telling of the Israelites escape from bondage in Egypt. As Morgan explains it, "You know what's going to happen, but you just didn't think about all the little stuff they must have done each day.." sums it up very well.

Both boys moved on to a new lesson in their math books. Jayden is within four or five lessons now of finishing off his book, but as neither of them finished as much of the lesson pages as I wanted we'll carry this particular lesson into the new week ahead. I'm not too fussed about it knowing that Week 6 will be a short & slow week for us.

Jayden & I dug into our own stack of books, all though most of them are on the Kindle so you can't actually see them all. We're enjoying, again, the Ocean Science book which we used a few years ago when the boys were younger. I'm not sure Jayden remembers much of it so it's fun to visit it again. I pulled out The Voyage Of Patience Goodspeed to read aloud to him. It was included with a Theme from Winter Promise that we used a few years ago, but we never ended up reading it. As it's about a family on a whaling ship it seemed fitting to work it into our lovely Sea & Sky theme. We didn't end up reading as much of it as we'd intended as he's still working his way through Treasure Island & started listening to The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.

Both boys have a stack of science experiments to catch up on, most of which they wanted to do on the weekend with Mr S, but as we weren't planning to be home this weekend a few happened during the week. Yes, he's blowing bubbles in the water, but it was a true experiment about water pressure.

I managed pictures of Morgan's notebook pages this week. His pages are often based on his lessons in Mystery Of History Volume 1, which he's loving. This week he was suppose to make a tent like Abraham might have lived in, but as we were camping that weekend I suggested he draw the tent as he imagined it based on the descriptions we read. The other page was recording Abraham's family tree. He has a copy of that in his Bible so he copied that for his history notebook.

Jayden had his own stack of notebooking pages to work on this week. I really enjoy that he has 2 a day which help confirm what he learned. The page above was a delight for him, but he's so in love with his school theme this year I think one would be hard pressed to find a portion of it he wouldn't like. While I don't have a photo of it he was tickled pink to use a giant sticker this week for one of his pages too.

While we only managed grammar once this week we did accomplish writing a few times over. Morgan was working on dictation in the photo above which took us forever because he had so much to tell me about Paul Revere! I finally told him that if he didn't hurry up I was jumping ship for lunch without him. Jayden's writing was based on Ralph S. Mouse this week & he was delighted to know both Mr S & I had read the book, so now it's on his list of books he wants to read.

Thursday we had a slower day as we had unexpected company turn up. We pulled some books from our book basket & read through a few of them. We read about George Washington from both our President books & then read about Martha from the First Ladies book. We watched a couple of funny videos about the cherry myth, & then debated walking to the shop for cherries. However, cherry season is over here in Tassie so we opted to pull out our US Art History book & draw instead.

Jayden charged through the event & wasn't his normal intimidated self in regards to drawing at all. He's generally very fussy about getting it just right, but instead was open & embraced the entire project. Morgan, shockingly, was far more fussy & eventually wanted to throw in the towel. So, I posted a picture of his half finished project on my Facebook wall & encouraged friends & family to tell him not to give up. He persisted through the drawing portion after a bit of lunch & put off colouring in until after our visitor had left.

Friday - Monday was our Home Ed groups annual camp retreat. We normally go on Friday, but due to Mr S being swamped at work we pushed our departure to a more leisurely Saturday morning so we wouldn't get stuck putting the tent up in the dark again. Saturday & Sunday are often full of activities for anyone who choose to participate. Morgan always joins in the tie dying, making a t-shirt for himself & Jayde last year. This year he opted for a pillow case, after I talked him down from the idea of making an entire sheet set! He also participated in some weaving & kite making which delighted him to no end.

He also participated in the "Fashion Show" which is an evening event where each tie dye participant shows off what they made. Jayde sat out of both, but then he was far too busy with his own fair share of fun & games. Most of which consisted of heaps of outdoor games, a weekend long ball game challenge, & countless board games. Not to mention lots & lots of swimming in the river followed up by heaps of "Daddy when you lived here.." type questions. Good times all around for sure! Now to catch up on sleep for the week ahead...

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Dawn said...

What a full week. I love the art pictures. Our kids just love art.
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