Monday, February 24, 2014

Zoo 2

We're using, as mentioned previously, Zoology 2 this year with Jayden's Adventure's in Sea & Sky. I've never been very keen on the Apologia schedule for these books as they bite off a lot of science that one is meant to do in 2 days each week, taking 2 weeks to do each chapter. We prefer to do smaller chunks more often so we retain the information better. It works for us.

Last year we made our way through Apologia's Human Anatomy with our own schedule which worked really well for us. In fact it worked so well that Morgan was able to work on the book himself with little to no trouble at all. Jayden isn't quite ready to be off & running on his own with science as you can't obtain this one in audio format yet. While he could read the text of his own accord I'm not convinced the vocabulary would stick with him as well so we choose to do it together.

Once again we're making up our own schedule, which is bite sized bits more often, to work our way through the book. This generally means that while we read less at a time we cover the books more quickly. While that might not work for some, it works for us. We're still hearing all sorts of tidbits that Morgan learned last year.. They usually come out over meal time when he'll say something like, "Interesting fact here guys.." or "That reminds me, my science teacher said.." Which use to get replies from Mr S like, "That doesn't quite sound like something Mummy would say.." Good times, good times.

This year I decided to print my plans for Zoo 2 on bookmark sized pieces of paper. When we sit down with the science book we can be anywhere from laying on the trampoline to sitting in the club house & let's face it I don't always remember to grab my planner when I'm invited to such places to read. So having the schedule right on the bookmark is so much easier! I opted not to schedule the notebooking pages this go around because I'm not certain if we'll use them all.

We do go over vocabulary during & after lessons just to reinforce it. I'll also ask him to tell me about certain things I've read, we've turned some of those into written narrations for his notebook, but not all of them. We'll see what unfolds with it, while I do think the notebook is a valuable tool Jayden's school is very rich with science this year & he'll be recording a lot of things as he goes along. So, if we don't use this particular notebook I'm not going to panic about it.

If you're interested in the bookmarks with our schedule on it you can find the first 4 chapters here. The next 4 won't be far along, but I probably won't do more then that until after Term 1.

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