Saturday, February 22, 2014

Number Rings

I picked this game up last year & it arrived while we were living between two homes & headed out of town for Christmas. Does that make three homes?! I have no idea, it just meant a lot of craziness! When the package arrived in the mail I took it to the new house & shoved it under my bed meaning to pull it out either for a Christmas Eve game or a New Years Eve game. But you know, that game stayed where I chucked it until the kids said, "Mom what happened to that package you got in the mail..."

We dug it out & I read through the instructions which are really pretty simple, but a phone call dragged us out of the house & before you knew it the new year was here & so was a lazy Sunday afternoon & two little boys who wanted something to do. So I declared it Family Game Time & told them to get ready.

We spent a good portion of time playing this game, mostly because in a moment of stress a few of us had rings go flying off our boards & we had to try & figure out where they'd come from. I heard a lot of math talk which was quite enjoyable as well because when you're playing a game 15 squared doesn't sound nearly as insane as when it's in your math book, right?

The rules really aren't complicated. You have three dice & when you roll them you make mathematical equations using the three numbers on the dice to equal as many of the numbers on your game board as possible. Pretty easy for a variety of math skilled people to play at one time to be honest. It was funny because everyone was working out math problems for the dice as they were rolled & while many times the same answer was found it didn't happen with the same equations.

There are a few more rules, but we kept it pretty simple for our first go ignoring all rules except the covering of numbers by working out math equations. We figure we'll get more technical as we pull it out more often & considering no complained about playing it I'm thinking it'll see a lot of use. It's just a really fun way to practice math facts & considering you can make the facts up as you go along there's no complaining that Mom put all the hard ones at the start. Yeah, I've been accused of that a few times over, & I'm still pleading the 5th on that one too!

As for acquiring it, we had to obtain it second hand as I couldn't find it new anywhere, but I thought I spotted Amazon having a couple of used copies? However, if you live overseas you might want to check ebay instead, Amazon is pretty picky about mailing games this way..

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