Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lego Challenge

Jayden's current read aloud with his Sea & Sky theme has been the classic Treasure Island. We have a beautiful copy of the book complete with amazing art inside, but we've been listening aloud to it each afternoon. I'm the one who picks up the book & gazes at the pictures inside while the boys are kept in rapt attention over the book. So much so, I've been told off a few times for speaking during the book. Not that I blame them, but I confess this is most certainly their kinda book.

The other day while looking for something online I found lego instructions to build a little pirate. Apparently it's part of the Lego Mini Build offered in Lego Shops each month. That probably makes sense to those of you with a lego shop in your state, but we aren't amongst those lucky few. Anyway, I thought it would make a lovely challenge for my kids while listening to Treasure Island this week.

It kept them quite busy & entertained to boot. We don't own flesh toned bricks, or at least not many so they went with whatever the could find. When you have two huge drawers of lego I find they generally just grab the right shape to get their projects built & later go in & perfect with specific colours if they desire. There was much fun that evening thanks to the heads that can move up & down & the pirate fights in an attempt to kick off each others peg legs. If you're interested in making your own little pirate you can find the instructions here.

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